I need a hug!

I know you might be the only one feeling what I am talking about, that is, you and I. Right now, I so feel like a hug. There are times in life you just need to feel arms around you; you just need someone to hold you tight, with or without words.

Guess what? Many times, you don’t get a hug just because you need one but the good news is there’s a secret that guarantees you’ll get a hug. HUG SOMEONE! You cannot give a hug without receiving one in return (I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before).

Now, if you’re married like me, the right person to turn to right now is your spouse. When you receive “hugging comfort” from somebody of the opposite sex, probability is high you’d keep going to that person and your heart begins to wander from your spouse. Please go home and get that needed hug.

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For singles (unmarried, youth and teenagers), I strongly recommend occasional side hugs with the opposite sex for obvious reasons. If you want to know my reasons,  you could read You May Kiss Your Bride!

I advocate you get your full bear hugs from people of the same sex. One of my male proteges hugged me recently and the hug blessed me in ways I cannot explain. It’s the lust in us that wants to get the hug from the opposite sex. But IF YOU ARE SURE YOUR MIND IS CLEAN, then carry go and offer “healing hugs”. Again, please don’t use hugs to tap ‘current’. That’s an abuse of the beauty of hugs.

I just took a break from writing this to hug my wife and children. Esther was the third I hugged and we laughed  at the end of our hug. I feel MUCH BETTER.

Please go hug your dad, mum, husband, wife, child, sibling or whoever else you feel you should. Offer some love and receive some love.



20 thoughts on “I need a hug!

  1. *smiles*…right post for the season. Uncle Tim I was gonna ask u for an advice concerning this hugging ish..maybe on whatsapp…but d truth is that in as much as I really wanna give or receive a hug right now,there’s no one to hug so I’m goons hug my books,they’ve been my closest pal over here. Thumbs up sir!!


  2. Damilola

    it was as if you were present with me around past 7pm this evening…. i didn’t know what was wrong with me i just had to go and hug a sis…. A hug can be very powerful o! i held her close for a while… it can be at times dangerous…


  3. Esther

    I love this alot. Thanks, God bless you sir. All you’ve said is truth, sometimes i really needed the hug but i’m relieved whenever i find arms i mean of the same sex to feel the warm.


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