Nudity, the new craze?

I couldn’t help but post this. You have to read it and please make sure you read it until the end. You might just see nudity, sex and other “pretty lady” issues in a different light. I sure did! Apart from reblogs, this is my first time posting someone else’s write-up on my blog. That should tell you how much I love it. This was written by a dear friend of mine. Comments would be appreciated. Thanks. Here goes!

by Sodeinde Simeon Opeoluwa (Facebook)

How interesting it is that when one gives birth to a girl now, the parents begin to worry about how burdensome and meticulous raising her must be. Whereas long ago, parents were happy to have girls bcos d girls bore things that would later in future prove that they were brought up well by their parents, e.g virginity till wedding, excellence at wifehood and motherhood, respect for in-laws and friends,  the ability to always come back to check on and take care of their old ones etc.
But now? The story is different. There is a legitimate alternative to almost eeevery single thing that we once considered valuable. Now we have divorce, cohabitation, disregard for virginity and all it entails, deliberate single parenting, abortion, career-driven womanhood, caution void dressing  etc.

Recently, by doing only very flimsy research I was overdosed with terrible views and data and occurrences. A morally mindless country has always been the fore frontier and dictator of what must be acceptable especially to our girls and little boys in developing countries e.g Nigeria. Suddenly our black girls feel skinny is beautiful, the robust ones feel they were born handicap, the skinny ones feel blessed and at higher advantage, now “you look sexy girl” has become a compliment that many girls look forward to. Suddenly our little sisters are falling into low self esteem by simply gazing into beauty magazines. Suddenly teenage girls  are bulimic and anorexic (having severe eating disorders) because they have been informed wrongly by the foreign media about standards of beauty. Keeping with the (confused) Kardashians is now the family show some must never miss(what happened to super story?).

Suddenly many of our girls feel they must have dated once or twice before they are 18, Must have kissed and probably had sex before 25, married or not. Suddenly a particular kind of pose is compulsory while taking a picture. Soap operas, and confused Disney programmes, animations and cartoons now portray parents as irrelevant factors when it comes to a teenager’s personal space, rebellion against parents is okay so far ur boyfriend loves you. They now portray teenagers as independent folks: children programmes are now centering around independence and autonomy, dating and adult business. Barbie doll and got talent underage dancers dress almost half naked and these foreign things are what our sisters and daughters sit all day watching. Hardly are there movies that capture totally, roles of the father, mother and children loving and submitting to one another. Suddenly some of our girls are ready to be announced as the “pregnant GIRLFRIEND ” or baby mama of one artiste or the other. And it is a news that is proudly broadcasted, shey óri wá pé shá (are we all alright mentally? )
No wonder some of our respected aunties are rushing to marry because they became pregnant, at least thank God some are still marrying and marrying men. Suddenly love is the magic that opens lady’s legs and not marriage anymore. Marriage has become an institution being redefined by confused people and anyone can get a divorce and be married 4times and still be celebrity role model. Now some see it as still okay “sha ” for a girl to be bi (bisexual).

I also thank God for Nigerian artistes who strive day & night using as much creativity as  possible to put nudity and sexual deviance on our screen. Now it is commonplace and not a total abomination to see half naked dressed ladies at night going to parties: Now every dress must be tight and elastic so that our girls can wear and feel beautiful and accepted?! Wow. Dinner gowns now aim to make a girl look sexy. I don’t blame my Apostle friend that lambasted fellowships dat do dinner cos d girls wear same gown to faculty dinner and fellowship dinner alike.

When u give some of our Christian sisters materials to take to their different fashion designers to sew ushering or choir uniform. men…… !! D rest is history. I don’t blame them, I blame what they see everyday that dictates beauty to them. Gone are the days when lip gloss and powder were enough to make a girl feel fly about herself, but now, they place heavy demands on their income to have makeups. Makeup is not the problem, the idea that without it one is incomplete is d killer idea.

Foreign Reality shows and celebrity life styles (which are scripted anyway) have become rampant and widely accepted, even TV series and u hear morally sound Christians or Muslims say wow I love “Empire” but the gay sex scenes are disgusting to watch. Oooh so if u buy a drink and find dead rat inside, u will remove D rat and still take d drink?

Please if you see any confused lady, tell her how much the society needs her to be sane. A woman said “a liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and finds a job after” what a statement of doom. Tell every lady that her exposed body doesn’t add up to letting us know of her beauty. Tell that girl that I, Old-Rugged, am is a Photoshop user and I know how magazine front cover and inside page models are severely photoshoped to increase their hair, smoothen belly flaps, extend necks, trim waists, reshape eye and mouth angles, push up bust etc. Please tell our ladies that if you are not comfortable with “knife point heels use wedged and if not use flat, honestly you will still live long if you dress comfortable.

Please turn off the TV for a while. Close the online beauty websites for a moment,  tune off celebrity photographs and news for a time and don’t cage into extinction ur female genius, creativity and primary roles.

Who will model proper womanhood to our ladies, who will teach our girls and encourage them to be studious at school, who will show to them the importance of virginity till marriage with a man, who will ask them to add more clothes to cover their flesh and loosen up the extra tight clothes and that they are beautiful without cosmetic surgery. Also that celebrity appearance is not as perfect as portayed. Even some news broadcasts are staged. If I tagged u here it’s because I believe u can help.

144 thoughts on “Nudity, the new craze?

  1. Hmm,I wish I read this later in d day after classes,I would have been able to deal with d painful feeling I get whenever I get hit by bittersweet truth as this concerning ladies.Good to know I’m not alone in this.I’ve decided amongst others to wear branded shirts with words advocating decency on them. Thanks broh and thanks a lot uncle Tim for sharing this.


  2. Oyoh melody

    woooooooooooooooooow……..mehn i really dunno if I can get over this!!!PLAIN TRUTH IS IT!!!!!! God bless this person that wrote this chai The area am most particular about is Dressing.Nowadays we cannot tell good girls from bad girls again in dressing. ….I all I see is short skirts,gowns,clothes that are revealing all in the name of fashion and the worst part is they feel comfortable in them…….it is even very obvious in the church no wonder my teacher do say”THE CHURCH HAS BECOME WORDLY,AND THE WORLD CHURCHY”….This reminds me of something I wrote sometime on 1Peter 3:4 Girls/ ladies
    Take time to beautify your souls rather than your bodies. .
    We are to beautify ourselves with the Grace of God- for the larger we wear it, the brighter and better it is.
    The finest ornament of a Christian woman is a meek and quiet spirit!. ….Do we have to be reminded again that beauty is not in the makeup, short skirts’s from inside within. .


  3. Sanya Oluwakemi

    This is a great write up which needs to be teach to the younger generation but most importantly like a saying leadership by example, parents should be a good role model to their children or wards.


  4. Temitope

    Wooow!!!!! I feel like screaming!!!!! This is just *it* I wish every lady can get to read this…….. God bless the person who wrote this!!!


  5. Olayinka

    Hearts have been seared with hot iron so nothng pricks them,the “Who cares” n “Darm the consequences” is the “in” thing.But in all Let him that have ears let him hear and teach his household because the giver of life is watching and soon it will be time to give account.God bless you for being a wacthman.Hope those that will read this piece will correct, encourage and act appropriately when situations occur that needs them to take a decisive stand.


  6. John Adejugbagbe

    One thing I really really wish should come 2ru about this blog is that it should reach the whole heart of mislead ones and also encourage others, in this world at large.
    It really can happen!
    More grease to your elbow sir.


  7. olanike joy

    Hmm,sincerely what is going round now adays is able 2 make ladies fall victim because all want 2 be ‘beautiful’.It is only does that endure that can be saved


  8. Queen

    I’m quite aware this might be mistaken for defensiveness, but if you can believe it,it isn’t ••• Most times,we tend to get carried away mentioning all the ways the women folk ( Christian and non Christian) have lost the right route,made the society worse etc,and that at times fails to go well with me,I believe in balance and that balance is this*** That The 21st century lady feels comfortable parading round in morality mocking clothes,it is because there is a 21st century guy who makes her feel angelic In such,even Christian husbands require their wives to dress in provocative manners at home( of course the word is,’it is for my eyes only’ and I wonder,the very sensitive teenagers at home are blind to that too?) ,that a 21st century lady quality hours drooling over front page magazine models,it’s because numerous 21st century guys have degradingly compared her to them, that the 21st century lady no longer cherishes modest/sane cloths,makeup,shoes and even hairstyles,it’s because when she’s on them,not even one of a 21st century guy thinks to tell her how good she looks


  9. Queen

    My point? Let’s make a balance ••• for generations, emphasis have been continuously laid on the woman’s morality whilst less attention has been paid to the man- if there are 80 moral women in every 100,and 20 moral men in every 100,let the 80 immoral men loose on the 80 moral women and tell me if the world’s present morality plight isn’t the end result – I rest my case


    1. D'Dreamnuel

      I got your points absolutely Queen. Its seems like the world sanity redemption now rest solely on the women folk. Talk about a male dominating world that sees women as the problem while the men roam about.
      The issues is women have always been the antagonist of each other and righthly so. I have always like a balance take on issues that pertain to both gender. The truth is there are few males who understands the duty of Manhood. If many the menfolk will grasp the concept of MANHOOD, the earth will be a better place.
      Let the Fathers wake up to their responsibility. They are not only the head of the home but also the foundation


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  11. I can understand your outcry. But the solution isn’t condemning and judging people but to intercede for them and make sure we take heed lest we fall. My pastor once said, only talk about things if you’re ready to pray about them, and that includes people.

    I believe if we emphasize seeking the fellowship of the Holy Spirit above all else, living right would come. That’s how 1 Peter 3:1-5 will come to pass.

    Bottom line: emphasize the Word (solution), not the problem. I just felt I should share my thoughts this post. I’m NOT supporting the “Sex sells” ideology. It’s the Word that liberates (John 8:32), nothing else.

    Thanks folks. God bless you.


  12. Nice piece, Timi, thanks. I think this teaching should start from the home. Virginity and proper dressing are still a pride and honour. Mothers should encourage both girl and boy child to preserve themselves. But the sad thing is that some mothers don’t think these issues are important. As many as who can, lets train our kids. Hopefully they can influence their friends who think otherwise.


  13. adesayoadeasy

    Wow, just the same concept I had when I made my first video, God bless u sir, if u will like to see dis video just box me a message I’ll send it to you


  14. Godwin

    It’s hard to believe what’s happening to our sisters and friends today. I keep asking myself, why is it that our ladies would always buy screen guard and phone packs in order to protect their phones, but foolishly neglect wearing clothes in order to cover their body? It’s ridiculous. Please my sisters and friends, you don’t need indecent exposure before a man love you. To all the ladies, pause and think (Selah)
    Thanks Timi for the post


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