David made me smile!

I heard a knock on the gate, just a few minutes ago and David Eriifeoluwa Adigun did something that made me smile right from my heart. By the way, many times, he upsets me and just acts so naughty but he is still such a darling. Let me tell you what he just did now; about 7:30pm, Thursday, January 14th, 2016.

Finest boy! Pic by Plumfotography

I heard a knock on the gate. I am upstairs, working and my wife is in the kitchen, cooking (please don’t make any comments #coveringface). The generator is on so those downstairs cannot hear if someone knocks. So, I called out to David, who is with his mum, that there was a knock on the gate.

When he told my wife, she called someone else to check the gate but David said “Mummy, daddy said David”, meaning it was his responsibility this time. That was really cool! But that’s not where I am going.

David ran outside and from upstairs I could hear him shout excitedly, “PLEASE, who is there?” And my heart was filled with amazing joy. I am raising a very courteous son! I have taught everyone who cares to hear and listen to me that they NEED to be courteous and just have GOOD MANNERS.

‘Thank You’, ‘Please’ and ‘I am Sorry’, among other courteous words should be NORMAL for us, no matter who we are addressing.

When he returned in, I said “David, thank you” and he said, “you’re welcome.” Now, I am about to combine these three “life-savers” in one sentence.

Thank you very much for reading this and I am very sorry if this post seems like bragging; please know that is not my intent.

I love you!






70 thoughts on “David made me smile!

  1. Kemisola

    Bragging? Nah, You are not. Ever wonder why some men become abusive, not courteous to their wives? maltreat their wives or have no respect and become Lord and master of the house? They missed it while growing up sir. Thumbs up sir.


  2. Adebola rhoda

    The virtue of a good and well mannered child was what u saw pastor timi, david not only exhibited manners but also good christain virtue…….kudos and a big thumbs to david……..i am for real smiling


  3. opeyemi

    my thoughts tho
    even some elderly people would have been happy that another person has been called to do that not excluding myself


  4. Ruach

    you are very welcome sir…Thank you for sharing this…God bless you and your family and may thy children continue to grow in wisdom, statues and favour… Amen


  5. Emelumadu Ekenem

    Aawwwwnn. So cute. Definitely left me smiling. “mummy, daddy said David” aaaaaawwwwwnnnn. God bless your entire family sir and may everyone around you continually put smiles on your face.


  6. Olanihun

    Hmmm…I call him Mighty David (MD)…when I see him I see greatness in him. Thanks Brosmi for showing our generation how to be a Nobel father instead of chasing money unnecessarily


    David Adigun is truly a joy to his parent, sibling(s) and the world at large. the world has started celebrating God in him. i am so glad to know him now so when he ‘blows’ i can remind him that i knew his growing days *wink*


  8. Akingbade Esther Oluwatobiloba

    Wow.. I’m so smiling right now that the woman sitting beside me will be wondering what’s making me smile. God bless your family sir and then give you more wisdom to raise them up more gracefully


  9. Hmm this just reminds me of the I’ll be a great father one day saddled with the responsibility of raising godly children. I’m proud of how you’ve raised Master Adigun thus far. By the way mummy in the kitchen and Daddy…….. em


  10. Ebunoluwa

    Wow. Am so touched by this. I grew up knowing been courteous is great but then while in school it seemed absurd to be courteous but this is a reminder about the beauty of been courteous. Thanks for sharing sir.


  11. Uniquemman

    Wow! Never really met/know the Dad although the mum is well known. But am so sure that God has given David a “Wonder Dad & Mum”, and I’m very sure, with all the lessons you are teaching him and he too is learning, he’s become a good leader and someone that people will look up to tomorrow by God’s grace.

    *..but David said “Mummy, daddy said David”…, Can’t but say Smile too..

    Sir, to be proud of him (David) is understatement.


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