My resting place!

On Thursday, October 11th 2012, sometime around 6pm, I was driving back home for MINE Bible Study on our then bumpy street, when God told me words that brought tears out of my eyes. I felt like acting like I did not hear Him but I could not. I know when I hear God and that evening, I HEARD GOD. The tears stung my eyes. I was taken aback. He said to me, “Start ME a church for teenagers.”

Why did I tear up? Because I DID NOT EVER want to start a church. I had told people in my university days that I would NEVER start a church, saying “There are enough churches already” and I still think so. I always said, “Find a church that believes what you believe and join. You don’t have to start your own.” I was totally against the springing up of new churches everywhere; I felt it further divided the beautiful body of Christ! But here I was with an instruction I could not ignore.

The Ark’s 1st logo by Damilola Onafuwa

When I got home, I told my wife. Thank God for giving me the best wife in the world; TOTALLY SUPPORTIVE. We prayed together and trusted for God’s leading and direction. I told family, starting from parents (on both sides) and siblings. I also told my pastor, Pastor Noruwa Edokpolo.

I was skeptical to go to my pastor because I remember vividly that he called me someday and asked if I was ever going to start a church and I said an emphatic NO. Because as at then, I was sure it was a NO. I told him and he gave his permission.

Note, a couple of people were of the opinion that I should take months or few years to be sure BUT I am a “quick-to-obey soldier of the cross”. I knew what God had told me to do and I was going to do it IMMEDIATELY.

We (my wife and I) were going to obey God but we did not have ANY MONEY to do it. So, I told God I was not going to move a finger until He sent someone to give us a land or hall or cash. I told Him it was His show to provide since He was the one asking we begin a church. That was where I was in my mind until I attended another MINE Bible Study.

By the way, we hold bible studies every week day; we’ve been doing that for over four (4) years now. I went for bible study, and I allowed one of my daughters, Omowunmi Sodimu to take the study. As she was teaching about Abraham, I heard God speak to me and say, “Just like Abraham, I need you to obey ‘blindly’. Go and look for a place for the church” (paraphrased).

Our new logo by Temitope Dada (Oluwadabest)

So, after that Bible Study (thankfully I did not take the car that day), I began my “Abrahamic trek”. I walked for several minutes, checking different places until I got to an event center, Deborah Lawson Event Place at Omole, Lagos, Nigeria.

It was about 7pm but as God would have it, the Facility Manager was still in. Long story cut short, she drafted an agreement with us after my wife and I went back the following day for negotiations. I would leave out the amount they were charging for a quarter but it was HUGE. The money my family and the ministry had (combined) was not up to 1/20th of what was needed just for 3 months. But we believed God wanted us to have the place.

Cutting the story short again, 2 days to the expiry date of the agreement (time we were to have deposited), I got a call to see someone. God used the person to bless The Ark (name of the church) and start us up. Please note: WE DID NOT BEG ANYBODY OR SOLICIT FUNDS. GOD, BY HIMSELF, PROMPTED THIS PERSON. HALLELUYAH!!!

We paid for the quarter, bought equipments and were ready to go. We met at our house for the first service on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012, then moved to Deborah Lawson on Sunday January 6th, 2013. We’ve since moved thrice (3ce) and believe God the next move would be to “Our own resting place”.

Lives have been blessed in tremendous ways and God has been faithful. Why did I post this?

ark 2
Our new logo by Temitope Dada (Oluwadabest)
  1. To give glory to God for His faithfulness
  2. To let people who criticised us know that we were not acting in flesh but in Obedience to the Master of the Universe.

And most importantly, 3, to tell someone who is reading this, “IF GOD SAID IT, HE WILL BRING IT TO PASS!”

Please don’t be overwhelmed by a decision you feel God leading you to make. He doesn’t set up His children only to embarass them. No! He remains faithful to His word and promise.

TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH TODAY! Sow that seed! Change that location! Ask out that person! Quit that job! Take up that job! Visit that ‘offender’! Cancel that debt!

Whatever God is asking to do, please DO!

Thank you for taking the time to read. If it blessed you, you could write a comment. And if you have not followed this blog yet, please do.

I love you! Together, in obedience to God, we WILL WIN!

Timi Adigun.


83 thoughts on “My resting place!

    1. Aunt mi! I can’t fathom why I spoke in tongues when I read your comment ma… but I Bless God for making Himself real to you to stand by my Mentor your beloved husband.
      God Bless You More Ma.
      Your God will be my God for life!!!



  1. Olusayo

    Wow! God is great..and greatly to be praised! Indeed,He who began this good work will take you to your resting place IJN.Am encouraged sir!


  2. Simply Rennie

    Being blessed by this article is an understatement…. Though I have been a silent observer but from day one I have been in full support of the Ark. I was so grateful to God for providing such a wonderful place for Teenagers to find and fellowship with God. I may not have made any comments about it ( I guess its because we haven’t seen in a while ) but I want to specially thank you for making yourself available for God to use. I pray that the Lord shall continually cause His works to prosper in your hands Sir. I’m still and will always be a friend of the house. God bless Mine Teenage Ministry, God bless your family and God bless The Ark!


  3. Olowo Ayodele

    Wow.. I really love this.. The promise He has for his children He will surely bring it to pass. May the Lord continually surprise The Ark


  4. its either THE ARK or THE ARK. i couldn’t have made a better decision. there is no where else i would rather fellowship. joining the ark i finally understand what God meant when He told me “its the connection, not the activity”. thank you sir for saying yes to God.


  5. Funto Adesola

    I have always knew that mine ministry will be bigger than what it used to be but never thought of it being a church I’m happy for what God is doing through this ministry. I pray that God almighty will never leave nor forsake you and thanks for blessing us. I’m a student of lautech ogbomoso and I really wish we have a forum for teenagers and youths here also. Thanks and God bless your home and ministry sir.


  6. this couple can make you want to get married now now ehn!!!!! thank you aunty Titi for marrying uncle Timi and being an help meet suitable for his purpose and thank you uncle Timi for marrying aunty Titi hereby making her a part of our lives.


  7. Damilola

    God will provide a bigger and a better place that wont be too far for those that will love to always attend! *centre of Lagos… God Bless and Strengthen your family! Amen!



    Ever since i met you, i have known you to be a Pastor but it was not obvious or manifested then, hmmmmn, thanks be to GOD Almighty who has not left you in thisrace and will never leave you and your family IJMN, Amen. GOD BLESS YOU as you have been a BLESSING to me, Amen.


  9. Hmmmmmmn!!! Pastor mi! I’m so proud of you and your #RuggedFaith in God.

    1Thess5vs23: Faithful is He that calleth you who also will do it.

    You have taught me how to give without thinking twice.


  10. Oluwapelumi

    I’ve bin following this blog for quite sometime but this is d 1st tym m dropping a comment. Thank u Uncle Timi for being a source of blessing to me. I remember those times I used to av d MINE magazine delivered to my doorstep. D Lord who has given u this vision will continue to uphold u & He shall enlarge ur coast so much that THE ARK will av branches spread all ova d country & beyond. I’d luv to worship in ur church someday, whenever I come to Lagos.


  11. Adeshayo

    Wow!I’m inspired…Though i’ve silent on this blog,I’ve been blessed by ur articles so far. God bless u,ur fam,ur church and ur ministry.Thank u for obeying just like Abraham.


  12. Olanihun

    Hmmm…Brosmi. Pls don’t mind me for wat I want to say ooo. I know am not a prophet but His mercy and grace makes it possible for me to speak His mind as often has He permits me. Pls Brosmi prepare cuz you are leaving for the promise land very soon…dts all


  13. Olanihun

    And on a second note thank you for sharing this story, I have always wondered what made you leave RCCG. As a matter of fact sef we will still see in camera to discuss some things…but am encouraged by your absolute surrender to the call of God and I love the fact that you didn’t give in to the logical counsel of taking time out to be sure…because you were more than sure already.
    God bless MINE TM
    God bless The Ark
    God Bless TITIMI
    God Bless the entire Adigun’s


  14. Grace

    Hmmm……truly most times, His will is always against ours but like the last sentence read, together we will WIN (by His grace) if we can only obey and not just obeying but obeying immediately. It may sound or look odd or even out of place, but the reward is always and greatly remarkable. God bless your hearts Titimi and continue to give you the grace to obey Him at all time.


  15. Dolapo Julius

    This didnt just bless me Sir it motivated me.. Up until now, I still didnt know why you left but I know you don’t do anything of your own accord unless GOD has told you to.. Many more grace Sir..


  16. Oyoh melody

    wow,i don’t even know wat to say pastor timI. Have been following MINE for a while and something keeps pushing me too….I really wanna thank God for raising up someone like you sir in this Generation ! i really appreciate you and this article I just read now reminds me of what God showed me sometimes, tho I dunno how to go about it but i will definitely……..God bless you so much Sirr and I pray your ministry Gets to that expected end God wants it to …


  17. Adebola rhoda

    There isnt any post on uncle timi’s wall that doesnt marvel me, i must say the lord intentionally brought uncle timi and his wife up for the generation of youths,,,God bless u both beyond measures…….hope to interview u personally when i become a full journalist.


  18. toyosi Owoade

    God bless your obedience and courage. Being a pastor’s child has thought me ‘blind obedience’ His thoughts for you is much greater than we all can wish or imagine. Keep His flag flying.


  19. Kenny_enny

    Hmmm, Though Have Been A Silent Observer For Quite Sometime Now, But With This Update, Am Fulfill And All Question Has Been Answered. The Lord Will Help You To End Well And Strong In Jesus Name.


  20. 'Cessa

    Finally, a church for my son… he loves God and I’ve been searching for a church that cared about teens. your obedience is an answer to my prayers. Thank you Sir. When we visit lagos, be sure to have my son under your tutelage.


  21. Oyeleye Damilare

    like someone posted earlier,you two really make one feel like ”Go and get married”…..i’m proud of your relationship….May God in his infinite mercy and benevolence continue to bless your union and ministry


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