Is NOSUM realistic?

Many thanks to everyone who has watched the video and passed comments and opinions across but I need more opinions. What is your take on sex before marriage? Please air your views as comments on this page. I sincerely want to know your take on the issue. And for those who found it difficult viewing the Virginity Video on this page, please download the video here:

No Sex Until Marriage (NOSUM)

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Timi Adigun.

24 thoughts on “Is NOSUM realistic?

  1. Ikeoluwa

    I strongly agree with no sex until marriage. Sex before marriage is not worth it.think of the consequences before removing your cloths. Is it really worth it? The pain,the regret,the guilt.your innocence lost,your prestige deminished. Staying sexually pure is still the before marriage clouds one’s judgement. Decisions are taken in favour of whoever you have slept with. Knowing you have slept with someone keeps you stuck with that person. You won’t want to walk away even when you have a good reason to because you have given something so dear. I will say ‘stay chaste,keep your virginity till marriage’its worth waiting for.

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  2. Adebayo Damilola

    Purity pays
    It rocks
    Pre marital sex slays
    Abstinence is the key
    Maintain virginity
    Its sacred, not old school.
    Ignore does who scorn,loving ignorance
    Wait still, choose purity.
    I choose to wait, I maintain my stand.
    No Sex Until Marriage.

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  3. In one of the virginity videos last year, Amakason said, ‘Whatever God asks me to do, I CAN not only do, I WILL do.’ There’s one thing Pastor E.A. Adeboye said at the Annual Convention of RCCG some years ago which has never left my head. He said, ‘God will never ask you to do what He knows you can’t do.’ I totally agree. God is not mean, He’s not trying to impress anybody so He doesn’t have to lie or push people to deceive themselves. God is void of all traces of deceit. So if He’s demanding sexual purity, it’s because it is very possible and He’s poured out grace to stay sexually pure on us all. Besides, there are MANY living testimonies of how possible it is. I know #NoSUM is very very realistic.

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  4. Oluremi Olayiwola

    I strondly agree with u sir,God has designed sexual expression to be experienced btw a man nd a woman within the context of a permanent love relationship(Gen 2:24-25).
    Sex alone symbolizes covenant fulfilment,so if u av sex with someone u are not married to,you are entering into a covenant with d person.According to the bible,its only marital sex that glorifies God.the book of solomon warns us abt awaken/arosing love before its time,wen its been awaken,it awakes immature nd ill-prepared to handle d ups nd dwn of it.solomon 8:4,3:5,2:7 talks abt we waiting for d correct nd appropraiate timing.
    God also designed sex for oneness in marriage (means of intimate communication btw a man nd a woman who.have committed themselves to eachother for life.
    In conclusion,our body is the temple of thy lord nd there’s a blessing upon the home of whoever waits after marriage…..STAY PURE,SAY NO TO NO SUM


  5. Ifesetemipe

    Hmmm, abstinence is the best.
    Many times i wanted to fall into the trap but guilt couldn’t let me, thanks to Sister Titi who helped in one of the occasion.
    I couldn’t imagin me loosing my pride to just any man, the pain i would go through during the sex for a worthless man apart from the fact that the bed shouldn’t be defiled.
    Still on the stand… No to premarital sex!


  6. I will prefare to stay sexually pure because of many things but I choose to give three point.
    1. Transfer of Unwanted spirit. It took God only a breath to give ( transfer ) life into men.
    2. Sex before marriage is not a guarantee that he that use you will marry you. ( so after the heart break, expect little bitterness )
    3. It boost the level of trust in marriage ….


  7. Precious

    No Sex Until Marriage is very realistic. It’s a gift God desires from His children. By God’s grace my husband and I were able to obey God despite temptations. The world has made it look like a norm ; but the Creator of the world didn’t make it so. With His help we are overcomers. God bless MINE Teenage Ministry for raising awareness regarding Sexual Purity. Plenty love!


  8. Damilola

    God bless MINE ministry…. No SUM is very realistic in our generation, the most painful part is that we live in a world where people celebrate the bad things and neglect the good things. Where sex before marriage looks compulsory but that’s for the ignorant ones. for those who are in Christ knows that ‘God wants us to be holy and COMPLETELY FREE from sexual immorality’ 1Thess4:4
    The Lord is Our Strength in this present generation.
    God will help us to be bold enough to tell our friends and others around us that Purity and Virginity is very important not just Virginity. Amen.
    Cos at times we feel shy so they wont call us Baby or novice,etc.
    No SUM is very realistic!


  9. i really wanna appreciate you sir and MINE for bringing this light of NO SUM Into our youths..First the bible make us understand that our body is not ours,it was bought with a huge price….it’s high time we understand that God is concerned about what we do with our body. He created them, he bought them, he owns them.Am made to understand that There is a sense in which sexual sins are different from all others. In sexual sin we violate the sacredness of our own bodies, these bodies that were made for God-given and God-modeled love, for “becoming one” with another. I strongly Support NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE, I believe it’s possible and we can do it!!!


  10. Olufunke Olayiwola

    Its a wonderful thing to know that there are still people in our generation who are God crazy &Sexual Purity Oriented!Thanks to you Sir!
    i sincerely believe NO SUM is100% realistic because Sex is a beautiful thing that God himself Orchestrated when he brought Adam &Eve together!Like someone said in one of the comments above”God wouldn’t ask us to do something we couldn’t do”That would be Absolutely Unfair.The Word says”You were bought with a PRICE,so glorify God with your bodies “(I Cor 6:20)It cost God the PRICE() of his Only Son just to save us. So if He could so much Love us to that Extent to give His best to ,so we could av it all..I see no reason why we can’t reciprocate that LOVE & just keep our bodies till marriage!But someone would say” you make it sound so easy,don’t you have emotions ?YES I DO!But God reminds us that” His Grace is sufficient for us&His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses”Many people fall prey of Sexual sin becauses they pride so much in their “OWN” ability to keep themselves! But we should wake up everyday of our lives & remember that “Even in our weaknesses, GODS Grace is enough & more than sufficient for me”
    And I so much love Romans12:1 were Paul was practically begging us to stay pure”I BESEECH (beg you,plead with you)you brethren by the mercies of God that you present yourselves a LIVING sacrifice,holy and acceptable unto God…..
    #SexualPURITY is the new cool


  11. Adebola rhoda

    It is not ur success that leaves people out to ask questions and wonder ur price tag, buh the self esteem u carry and the God u serve……pple say that ur success gives u esteem buh one day while going out wif a friend on an assignment a lady passed by us and u need to see the way the guys on the street talked abt her, being a yoruba girl i understood everything they were saying which includes (she is the babe tayo was talking abt that he had sex with , she is a graduate oooo and works with fidelity bank , her father is rich buh the babe too spoil herself for neighbourhood , we know her price na them plenty like that ) when i got home that day those words kept ringing in my head and i found out that not aving sex is the main virtue and source of self esteem of a woman and a man not success…..I pray God helps many out there to understand just as i did


  12. Nduonyi

    NO SUM is waste of time⏰,money💰,energy💪and all you can think of, why can’t this nonsense teenagers allow us to hear word, do they even know what they talking about??
    OK that was a response I got on the first virginity outing we had in calabar,the truth is people say all that can hurt u when it comes to NO SUM😔,
    Even the ones you thought would teach 📚u the right ways are telling you there’s nothing wrong with it😦,
    After all you’ll become more experience 😋wen u finally married 💑and all that,,,,,but DEEEEEEPPP 👇👇inside they want what u sharing to them,
    They want to be bold 💪💪and tell people to wait✋,but just cause they don’t want to spoil their swag😎😎 they’ll never let it out… 😷😷
    It’s not just the saying NO SUM,but the understanding behind it😊😊
    Its not easy, but it’s worth the wait💍
    #noSUM is SUPER REALISTIC!!!!👏👏👏


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