Full yet?


Thanks for stopping by to read today!

The year is already fast moving. It is the ninth already. Before we realize it, January is over and there goes another 31days. What have you done with the year yet?

There are many things you would need to challenge yourself to do and/or achieve this year but please allow me to add just ONE. Please LEARN. Learn as many new things as you can but please make sure they are praise-worthy things. Or is your head full already?

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I doubt that!

Please learn new skills, learn new instruments if you can. Try a new language. Learn a new sports. Learn to drive. Learn a new dance. Learn a new business. Just learn. And to achieve that, you MUST READ.

Please get your brain and your mind working and active in 2016. You would be glad you did!

The difference between the rich and poor, the successful and failed, the ‘high’ and ‘low’ is majorly KNOWLEDGE (information). So, get going now!

And in case you are overwhelmed, wondering where to start, please say a short prayer of faith. God WILL lead you to the right information that will usher you into your greatness in 2016 (Proverbs 3:5-6). I believe in you!

I love you!

14 thoughts on “Full yet?

  1. Burkinseen

    Tykz so much Uncle Timi….God bless you,yhu rili a blessin to ur generation…..I LUV YHU dnt tell AUNTY TITI i zed so ooooo #Winks #Smiles


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