TAG2016: Ogunrinde Oluwapemi

Ogunrinde Oluwapemi

He’s my solicitor in times of trouble,
He’s my confidence in times of fear and lost hope,
He’s the cornerstone, the capstone and stumbling stone of all religions.
He is impartially merciful,
Gives fruit in barrenness,future to the hopeless and life to the lifeless,
He is God’s son.

192 thoughts on “TAG2016: Ogunrinde Oluwapemi

  1. Abimbola Ipaye

    #TAG2016 Jesus is a friend closer than any other friend, Ever present help in time of need, so great, real, faithful and reliable. A life without Christ is full of Crisis. Jesus is the only invicible Doctor that heals free of charge. Only the confession of blood of Jesus has the power to neautralise any spiritual poison and cleanse our sins.


  2. Yanju Adegbite

    To the Journalist, He’s the Good News!
    To the Lawyer, He’s the Chief Advocate who has never lost a case and will never do!
    To the Banker, He’s the Hidden Treasure! To the Soldier, He’s the Captain of Salvation!
    To the Architect, He’s the Chief Cornerstone!
    To the Zoologist, He’s the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!
    To the Hungry, He’s the Bread of Life!
    To the Thirsty, He’s the Fountain of Living Water!
    In the Hospital, He’s the Healer!
    And in the Mortuary, He’s the Resurrection and The Life! Halleluyah!!!


  3. Prof. Bridget Sokan

    JESUS the present help in time of need, a Friend that sticks closer than a brother, the Pillar that holds my life. He is my Glory and the lifter of my head.
    The same yesterday, today and forever (Heb13:8). #TAG2016


  4. Zeekat

    Jesus my redeemer and my Saviour. Because He lives I have hope in eternal life. A life where all my sorrows and tears will be wiped away. Where hunger, disease, fears will be gone. Glory be to the Son of God.


  5. Bolanle Kayode

    Jesus is the All Sufficient One
    The Almighty
    Before Him there was none
    Beside Him there is non
    After Him there is no other
    He is All in All
    The Beginning and the Ending
    He is the I AM THAT I AM


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