TAG2016: Nwobi Stanley Makuochukwu


Nwobi Stanley Makuochukwu

Generally I’ll say the man who allegedly died for my sins, but that really doesn’t do justice to our relationship. Personally I’ll say the God that would blow out the sun to ease the heat or bend the waves to release breeze for my wellbeing. He who loves me unconditionally.

23 thoughts on “TAG2016: Nwobi Stanley Makuochukwu

  1. Bamiduro Oluwasegun

    Deep comments… HE is my Redeemer… like my brother said*INEFFABLE*who is*UNQUESTIONABLE*… Sister said *EVERYTHING*n without HIM am*NOTHING*… MAY HIS NAME BE PRAISED FOREVER!!!!!


  2. Blessing Isong

    Honestly sometyms I find myself
    awe-stricken by His Mightiness dat I can’t find d perfect word(s) to describe Him but I’ll say He is THE BEST as far as my life is concerned *smiles*


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