Falling in love with a mad woman!

I want to share something with you that most men might not be bold enough to confess. It is a man problem. Wait please! It might be a woman problem too but I am a man so I can only describe from my own perspective!

Has a married man ever told you (a single girl) that your body is the best he has ever seen or touched? He’s lying. He most likely has told several girls the same. Is your boyfriend presently telling you that he needs a quick fix and it’s only your body that can do the job. Another lie!

For guys, we’ve always heard that “A man is moved by what he sees”. I beg to disagree. He is not really moved by what he sees but by what he thinks. It’s all in the mind.

I served (NYSC) in Calabar and I saw a couple of mad people. There was this young girl in particular and she was almost always naked and I can assure you, I was not in anyway moved. That wouldn’t have been the case if I bumped into a sane woman at an unguarded time.

Men are moved by their thoughts. A man who feeds on the WORD of GOD will find it difficult to go a-lusting. A man who feeds on porn or lewd music/videos cannot be better than the quality of his media intake.

For every girl or woman that has been hurt by a sweet talking man, I am sorry. May God comfort and strengthen you. It was never about you, it was always about satisfying the urge in his body that originated from his mind. If you were not there, he would have done it with someone else. Don’t feel special because it’s you he’s cheating on his wife with or it’s you, among the many girls, he wants to be with!

Sex is still exclusively for married people. What people say about it doesn’t change the TRUTH. God loves you and wants to save you from unnecessary hurts.

So, men, please let’s GUARD OUR HEARTS!!!

Women, please DON’T BE CARRIED AWAY!

This might have come a little hard and I am sorry but please LET THE TRUTH SET US FREE!

I love you!

Timi Adigun

32 thoughts on “Falling in love with a mad woman!

  1. Adegoke Ebunoluwa

    Let the truth be told. We should serve as role model to d world not the world teaching the Church what is right. Guard you heart with all diligence says the Bible.

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  2. D'Dream

    Very insightful post. Its all in the mind. The eye, ears and skin are just the gates. Keep your heart with all diligent the bible says.

    Its nice being here

    WWW thedreamconvo WordPress.com

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  3. Deep, I’ll have to agree with this perspective.
    And truly the standard of right and wrong doesn’t change in God’s sight, neither does God change.
    What’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right, matter what age or time one is born into.
    God bless you sir

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  4. I am a writer. Gez… You should have asked before jumping to conclusions. If you had, I’d have told you to scroll around a bit. Then you’ll see its not for this. Do you know how many people commented? Just to get a book from me? And now that’s all gone. Great.


  5. So sorry. Was just perplexed. Plus you indirectly insulted me by saying I cheated. Don’t bother putting the page up. Just that I don’t get into competitions but when I do, I do to win. It’s overly above what I bargained for though. But I enjoyed it. Thanks.



    Uncle Timi Sir, you have a way of enticing me with the titles of your write-ups. This is so insightful. Its all about what we take into our minds. Good in = Good out. But Gabbage in is surely equals to gabbage out. God bless you sir.

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