TAG2016: Idowu Oluwatunmise David

DSC_0482 jpg
Idowu Oluwatunmise David

“Alpha ; All started in and through Him
Emmanuel; Always with Me
The Word; the very heart of the Father revealed and spoken
Beerlahairoi; He is He who sees when no one does
YAHWEH…Mighty Saviour” He is to me

32 thoughts on “TAG2016: Idowu Oluwatunmise David

  1. Olaoluwa Okunnuwa

    What drew me to the writeup was THE FLOW of the thought..it was really a build up. It climaxed very well.. I would say in two words..this work is TIMELY yet TIMELESS..well done @Tunmise and thanks for the platform @TimiAdigun


  2. Joshua Peter

    These sound personal and, I believe, stem from a personal relationship with God.

    Permit me to add this:
    El-Elohe-Tunmishe: The Mighty God of Tunmishe.

    Thanks for sharing, friend!


  3. awede omooluwa

    That’s a masterpiece!
    You are in tune with master!
    Nice flow, lovely touch, it’s all good!
    That’s who Jesus is to me too!


  4. Idowu Folashade

    I feel this is coming not just from the desire to compete but from an encounter with God, sounds real and very personal. Keep getting more of who He is to You. To Me, He’all always be Beerlahairoi!


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