TAG2016: Adedayo Opeyemi Oluyombo

Adedayo Opeyemi Oluyombo

It’s such a hard thing for me to lose my father at a very tender age. It took a while for me to know the personality of Jesus. He is my Pacifier when I’m down, He is my father. He has done what my biological father wouldn’t have done.

278 thoughts on “TAG2016: Adedayo Opeyemi Oluyombo

  1. Adeoluwa Omesu

    Even though God will not come down in person to meet us at the point of our need, he has surrounded us with blessed persons who’ll take care of that and you are a living testimony sis. God bless you.



    The comforter his always there to comfort does who need to be comforted -_-(always father to the fatherless and mother to the motherless).#Tag2016


  3. Seun Omesu

    That’s the God that we serve, He never fails. Our biological or earthly parents arebbound to disappoint us but our God never fails. Thank God for your testimony dear, watch out!….. He’s not through with you yet.


  4. SANNI, adekunle aka Jc oTaPz


    One can never say life is hard
    For he cannot see the struggle of others
    But my life has not been easy
    Just my fellow brothers
    Raised by our mother
    With only ourselves to bother
    We grew up without our father
    He wasn’t there to help us shave… #oTaPz #TAG2016


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