My mentor!

I boarded the flight in 2015 on a 365-day journey, with so much enthusiasm, optimism and a few goals. Of which having a mentor was not included.
YES God played the biggest role in making 2015 an amazing year, however another individual He used was you.
I might not be the best mentee you’ve had, I might top the list of the most impossible of them, but your soothing words were always there to guide especially at times when I felt like giving up. With you I learnt how to trust completely without holding back,  with you, I could share my worries, errors and flaws without the fear of being condemned. With you, I’m learning to be an expression and extension of God’s love to mankind. With you, I’m learning to stay positive in the face of negativity. Above all else, I’m aspiring to love God more than you do #lol
Forest of thanks to you sir, for making 2015 a beautiful year for me in your own way, for your teachings directly and indirectly. Your time, care and love.
My prayer for you; the desires of your heart will be met, you’ll fulfill God’s mandate for you this year, the Lord would satisfy you in all areas of your life….. and uncommon rewards as that of Abraham shall be yours in this year and beyond.
Welcome to 2016, Mentor!
With love from M.I

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