Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!!

The Palm Of Hadassah

Hmmm…. it’s not been easy giving him a surprise in my 10 years of knowing this Rare Gem- My Oluwatimilehin(God’s-got-My-back)!!!!

I really hope this comes in as a surprise to him. I know I will never lose you but I choose to celebrate you with my first poem ever (don’t remember ever writing one before this). Please don’t laugh,just enjoy this piece:

941726_453251108091819_1076127433_n Ifeoluwasimi

Oluwatimilehin, Oluwamayomikun, John Adigun
Blessed indeed is the womb that bore you
Blessed indeed is the hand that nurtured you
Blessed is the back that carried you

Blessed and to be celebrated is the day I met you
My Best Friend of 10years
My Fiance for 4years
My Husband for 4 years and all years

Ifeoluwasimi, Father of Eriifeoluwa and Ewaifeoluwa,
Love indeed oozes out of you
World’s Greatest Dad you are
Wanting the best for all who call you father
Anything to make their lives better

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