The Veil (Thank You)


Thanks a lot for your opinions. It is obvious we prefer the alternating/simultaneous one, so you would please bear with me as I would need to take a few days off to put the story together. I have a skeleton for the body of Bolade’s story but I don’t have much for Salewa yet.

It is rare to have readers follow a writer through his writing of a book. I appreciate you all. Thanks a lot.

I hope not to take too long but I sure would need a few days!

I love you.


6 thoughts on “The Veil (Thank You)

  1. Thank you sir… Considering what I’ve learnt thus far through this story, I can’t imagine myself getting tired of following and reading this!
    This is not just a story… Its a life-changing message to every youth!!!


  2. Adebiyi Damilola

    Good evening sir.
    Thumbs up for the good work you’re doing. I pray you’ll never grow weary.

    Pls sir, when will the pdf copy of the continuation of the veil covered be out?
    I started and finished it today and I was blessed and wowed.



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