My gift to you this Christmas!


I want to thank you for following my posts on this blog so far. I have a special gift for you this Christmas and I’m sure you’ll like it. I could have decided to make you pay for it, but I will give you free of charge because of how special you are to me! #smiles. Gifts are not to be refused, so please accept my gift with love!

Timi Adigun, your friend!

Here’s my gift:

It’s a counsel that will make your Christmas the BEST EVER!!!

Please, PUT A SMILE on at least TEN (10) people’s faces; people that can NEVER repay you.

Please don’t spend all the money on your family or business associates. Spread it. Your children are used to the treats already; make a poor family’s Christmas memorable. Change an undergraduate’s wardrobe. Pay some fees. Please, JUST BE A BLESSING!!!

That’s my early gift to you this Christmas. I should have more later. I love you dearly and I know your joy will hit a new peak when you do as I have told you. Thank  you dearly for accepting my humble gift.



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