The Veil…Discovered (1c)

His heart dropped as he saw the figure standing beside him. This is not the person I want to see. Bolade was disheartened.

“Hello Bolade.”

Bolade wished she would just leave. He didn’t even have the energy, after the disappointment, to say anything to her. He gave her a weak smile. Bolade saw a look on her face that baffled him. It was like she understood why his smile had just changed from an excited one to a weak one. Did she know what he was thinking?

“You miss her?” Funke said, without warning.

Bolade was taken aback but he couldn’t act like all was well. He was drained and maybe talking with this girl would help, so he decided to talk. “I do.”

Funke nodded. “I have seen you withdrawn and distracted for weeks. I had wanted to reach out for a while but didn’t know what to do or how to do. Today, I saw you look depressed again and decided to make the move.”


“Bolade, there are many people looking up to you whether you believe it or not. There are many students in this school who care deeply about you. We are not happy when you are not happy.”

Bolade was looking at her mouth as she was speaking. No one had ever said that to him before. It made him wonder if she was talking about people or talking about herself. Bolade didn’t have to think so long.

Funke’s faced became a little serious. “Bolade, I like you. I always have.”

Bolade winced. Not again!

…to be continued!

*Note: I know this continuation seems really “slow”…please bear with me. I’m still very busy with other responsibilities but trying to keep up with my promise of posting daily (except Sundays)…I hope to post something very LONG soon. The Veil continues on Monday. Thanks. Your comments are appreciated!

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