The Veil…Discovered (1b)

“I think it would be better we see to discuss it, not over the phone!”

“I need to hear it now, Tinu. You cannot imagine how wild my thoughts are getting now. Please tell me.”

“I can’t. I’m sorry Ray. Please trust me on this.”

The line was silent.


“I am here.”

“Talk to me please.” Tinu pleaded.

“You’re sure you would prefer we see to discuss it?”


“Okay. I trust your judgment.”

“Thanks Ray. You’re so sweet.”

“So, when are we seeing?”

“Today is Thursday. Should we do Saturday?”

“Fine with me. My place or your place?”

The line was silent a while. “I will come to your place.”

Raymond smiled. Maybe what she was going to tell him wasn’t going to be so terrible or heart breaking. This was going to be Tinu’s first time in his house. As the man, he had been careful not to suggest a visit in his house. He wanted it to come from her and now, it had. He was very pleased.

“I am delighted”, Ray told Tinu.

“I am glad you are. We’ll see on Saturday.”

“And we’ll talk before then”, Raymond said, matter of fact.

“Sure. Bye Ray.”

“Bye Tinu”, Raymond said and replaced the receiver. He stood and walked to his window. He drew the curtains and looked out. It was time to take a break from work and do some daydreaming. He pictured Tinu walking into his house on Saturday in all of her beauty and sway. He smiled and allowed his mind create the world he longed for with his childhood sweetheart.


The day was crawling and nothing about it so far had been anything to write home about. The teachers so far had made it a duty to be boring. Bolade was frustrated. It was short break and the only thing he could do was place his head on his table. He wanted to sleep off the boredom.

            He wished it was Friday; would be easier to cope if he knew he wouldn’t be in school the next day but it was Thursday and he had to show up the next day. Bolade closed his eyes and attempted a brief snooze but he could not sleep. He kept seeing Salewa whenever he closed his eyes. Bolade smiled. With his eyes closed, he could still picture her as clearly as if she was with him.

            He missed her. They had just been friends for a couple of days but it was like their friendship had been divinely scripted; they had bonded so fast. Now, in the wake of his loss, Bolade could only wish and hope she would re-appear in his life soon.

Bolade was recalling his last time with Salewa, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He hoped it was a mistake and the person would leave but the hand stayed. He paused his thoughts and tried to register the feel. The hand felt light against his shirt. He knew it was a female. His heart soared. Everything in him knew it was Salewa.  She had finally returned. Bolade couldn’t contain his joy. He smiled before opening his eyes and he lifted his head.

5 thoughts on “The Veil…Discovered (1b)

  1. Wow.. Uncle Timi, I salute you sir. You are really trying… because I can imagine the different responsibilities you have and for you to still try to write this story. Great kudos to you sir. I wish I can be able to balance my time effectively like you currently do. God will help us all.


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