Sweet Compromise!

I am currently typing this post with David seated to my left, his hands resting on my left leg , and with Esther sitting on my laps. Quite sweet , yes! Also very uncomfortable, yes!! By the way, they are on vacation!!!

Why am I telling you this?

I need to write but David wants to watch his Christian music video on the laptop (Kids Praise). I wanted to ask him to come back later but I could see he really wanted to watch, so I indulged him. The two applications are on at the same time (WordPress and VLC player); he’s watching and I’m typing.

Now to Esther, there are times she just wants to be with her daddy. Such moments are very precious and I don’t take them lightly. So, I indulged her too.

David and Esther kneeling to pray!

Friend, are you so busy pursuing your dreams that you don’t have time for the people or things that should ALSO be important to you.

In my opinion, it’s okay to miss one or two ‘business deals’ if your wife is really craving some quality time. It’s okay to put off your phone and just spend time, uninterrupted, with your friends and/or family.

I’ve learnt and still learn a lot from my mother, Mrs. Sinmisola Olufunke Adigun. She would almost always say, “Timilehin, life is about making sacrifices; about compromising for others!”

Please note that I am not talking about compromises that negate your values or your convictions. I’m talking about compromises that deal with altering your schedule or plans just once in a while; going the extra mile for someone.

By the way, my children have left. They’ve gone to their mother. Guess my typing is boring them. #smiles. But I’m glad I did not lose the moment.

David and Esther shouting Halleluyah!

Do you need to visit your parents this Christmas?

Do you need to take your spouse on a date?

Do you need to make your loved ones know they are more important than your phone?

Do you need to hold your child in your arms while you work?

Do you need to call your son overseas and tell him you love him?

Please DO IT NOW!!! Life is made beautiful with SWEET COMPROMISES!

I love you!

Timi Adigun

49 thoughts on “Sweet Compromise!

  1. Blessing choir

    Hmmm, I really need to… Nice one uncle Timi.. More grace to you!!! Enlargement comes your way in the Name, powered and able Name of Jesus..


  2. Abdulkareem Bakarr

    Inspiring say,didnot know when tears rolled down my cheeks,knowing fully well,one day we might not be able to turn back the hands of time..More Grace and also may you continue to inspire ur write-ups with our “Money filled dream chasing generation” without thinking of their families..God Bless you sir.


  3. Charles precious

    Uncle Timi, thanks a lot for this message…God Bless you and Anoint you heavily…Also,Merry Christmas and a Successful New year in Advance..


  4. Simply Rennie

    Sometimes I feel like I’m giving so much to being a wife and a mother and do not have enough time for myself….. Reading this write up makes me feel really privileged to be who I am today; a mother and a wife. I guess I will have to keep on making the compromises as long as it makes them all happy and hope that someday, I will find time to really give myself a nice treat because nothing beats having a loving family!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Funmilayo Soremekun

    Wow! This same word came to me some weeks ago, and reading it here again about “going the extra mile and making sacrifices for your loved ones”.. it’s time I began to make sweet compromises.. Thanks Uncle Timi😊


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