The Veil!

This “announcement” is for the lovers and followers of The Veil. That book is LONG OVERDUE and I apologize.

When I started the story, years ago, I didn’t have as many responsibilities as I have now. So, it has been difficult.

But good news! We will finish the book together! How?

I’ll continue the story tomorrow (Thursday Dec 10th) and will keep posting everyday (except Sundays) until we finish.

What’s your part? Please like/comment/share/follow the posts so as to cheer me on!

I appreciate this. Thanks!
Let’s enjoy the amazing story of Bolade and Salewa!

And guess what? The Veil is still my most “demanded” book.

I love you!
Timi Adigun.

(Part 1 is available for free download on “My fiction books” page)

22 thoughts on “The Veil!

  1. Onyinye Ikenwankwo

    Sir May God Increase You In All Ractifications.Sir i need the book to read because i can’t download and don’t enjoy reading books online.Sorry for any inconviences


  2. This is one of the stories that has really changed my mindset about love, sacrifice and friends…. I really can’t wait to complete the story sir!!!
    I promise to play my part!!!
    Thank u sir for allowing urself to be used by God to reach out to people like us!!!


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