MINE Magazine; the teenager’s companion!

Good news!!!
8,000 copies of MINE Magazine are being produced at the press now, to be available for this Christmas season.
If you want some for your secondary school students or teenagers, please reach any of the following people and make your bookings. If your city/state isn’t covered, we’re sorry we won’t be able to reach you.


Lagos (Mainland): Lekan (08183211898)
Lagos (Island): Ayo (07039848277)
Ibadan: Dolapo (08164743152)
Ogbomoso: Grace (08083381694)
Abeokuta: Nike (08069820645)
Abia: Glory (08156058606)
Uyo: Chidinma (07036155469)
Ado-Ekiti: Ajoke (08133563756)
Akure: Adeola (08168820971)
Abuja & Nassarawa: Esther (07032178630)
Ghana: Rhoda (+233547903990)
USA: Tosin (+13199614062)
Calabar: Emeka (08035240662)
Port Harcourt: Chioma (07067306113)
Ilorin: Bravedave (08108425455)
Ile-Ife: Seyifunmi (08143875695)
Makurdi: Chimenem (08062655143)


Together, we would Mould, Inspire, Nurture, and Empower these young ones.

Thank you!
Much love,

3 thoughts on “MINE Magazine; the teenager’s companion!

  1. Wow.. God Bless you sir and God Bless MINE FAMILY. I have been waiting for this; Its an really awesome news. Different calls had been coming in to my phones from individuals I know and don’t know as regards the Magazines before now and all I say or tell them is that: ‘It isn’t out yet and they should try to be patient.. and I also encourage them to check online for those that can browse.

    Even in L.U.T.H., I get accosted almost on a daily basis: at almost any junction (food sellers joint, cobblers place, school of nursing peeps, classes, cafeterias, and even at night vigils and choir/dance/drama/instrumentalists rehearsals)

    Sir, I am so delighted at this news.

    I want to say publicly sir that I don’t want to be *limited* this time around in the copies given… There are so many places on the island and areas we haven’t even touched, not to talk of the so many teen churches around. God is seriously waiting for the souls these mags would reach out to. A lot of perversion is here and is increasing daily, but the medium through which God arrests an individual could be through any format.

    Finally sir, you forgot to mention the contact of the person that stays in Kebbi I met earlier this year.. She can be a contact person for that region.

    Thanks sir. God Bless MINE AND ENRICH OUR PURSE. WE NEED SPONSORS TOO and who knows, It can comes through any of these areas that I haven’t even reached.


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