The Greatest Poison!


Thanks for following my blog. If you have not, please do!

You know what? I am presently bleeding, not physically though. Bleeding at heart! Do you know why? I see my society and yours slowly dying; our values being eroded so fast. Why, because of a silent poison we seem unaware of.

What’s the poison? Complacency!

Many of us do NOTHING about the ills we see. We say “what can I do?” or “it is already a norm”…excuses!

Evil prevails because good people do NOTHING about it! Can we rise today and at least, SAY SOMETHING! I am quite a controversial person with some of the things I advocate but at least I AM TALKING!!! One or two people will be inspired to change.

Do you have a change you want to effect and you want to speak out, please post it as a comment here, or better still, SPEAK UP on your social media platforms and tag me please; I want to agree publicly with you! One or two people (and that’s an understatement) might just agree with you and join you in your cause.

Let’s be the change we want to see!

I love you!

Timi Adigun

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