My First Kiss!

Many thanks again to you for following my writings on this blog. This post is a continuation to my previous two posts on ‘You may kiss your bride’.

I’ve stated the reasons why I didn’t kiss my wife in public but now I want to let you know what I did behind closed doors. #smiles

I need to start by stating that I had been desperate to kiss her for years so I was in the mood the moment she became my bride. But being a very conservative man, I still didn’t want any public show not even at the reception.

So, guess where I stole my first kiss?
In the car!!! On our way to the reception.
Then many more followed in our own car as I drove to the hotel where we were to have our honeymoon. It was heavenly!


You know what? Throughout our honeymoon, we explored and learnt how to kiss better (and to do other things I won’t mention…lol). There were awkward moments but we felt no shame. We rather laughed at ourselves. I’ve been smiling and giggling as I write this. I’m sure my wife would laugh too when she reads.

So, for that person that has been lied to that for you to satisfy your man or woman in the future, you need to be experienced. That’s RUBBISH!!!


How many “spit/saliva swaps” do you need to become experienced enough. I’m sorry! I usually call kissing, spit swapping when I wanna discourage indiscriminate kissing.

It’s so sweet when you and your spouse grow together and nobody is feeling like the novice or professor, as the case may be.

That said, if you’ve done enough kissing in your life, it’s still fine. But try to keep it hence for your spouse alone and be patient enough to allow your spouse grow and learn too when he/she is now yours.

Thanks for reading. I have something special to share tomorrow. Please visit again.

I love you!
Timi Adigun

53 thoughts on “My First Kiss!

  1. “It’s so sweet when you and your spouse grow together and nobody is feeling like a professor or novice, as the case maybe” hmmmm copy that…..and your first kiss was cool oooooo “IN THE CAR”(lol)……..thanks for sharing this sir,still Nosum


  2. Oluwabunmi

    Wow…so much love this….Im waiting …I really am…tho many things hv happened. I’ve made up my mind to wait. .GOD BLESS UR MARRIAGE


  3. Emmanuella

    I love this post. I’ve being looking for guys to date who share my nosum idea but many just see it as being childish or impracticable. I’ve nearly given up hope sef but I wish to have a marriage like yours


  4. Emmanuella

    I love this post. Guys who are for no sex until marriage are very rare if not non-existent. I just pray I find one because most guys around see it as something childish or impracticable


  5. oluwatomisin

    From a microbiologist point of view u can contract MONOCOCCOUS INFECTIOUS DISEASE CAUSED BY EPSTEIN BARR VIRUS. so instead of putting ursef and spouse at risk of contracting it why not save that precious mouth you use to praise God


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