You may kiss your bride 2!


Thanks for the massive  response to my first post on this topic and thanks for the comments too. I would be glad if you share these posts with others. Please follow my blog too. Thanks.

Now, to my second reason for not kissing my wife after the presiding minister gave his blessing. Ready?


Now, this is so controversial and many of you would want to have my head after this but I guess I am entitled to my own opinion, right?

I personal feel kissing your spouse in front of hundreds or thousands of onlookers is rather inappropriate. Children might have to close their eyes, teens might start feeling things (don’t mind me…just expressing my thoughts). It becomes worse when the minister says “Go on! Go on!! Don’t stop!!!”…hmmm


I was at a meeting where couples were asked to kiss each other in the presence of many adolescents. The minister had a noble intention; to ignite some passion in marriages but I think he could have done that at an “Only Couples Dinner” or something.

A teenage girl beside me had to say, “Timi, I am very uncomfortable with this. Why are they doing this in our presence?” (paraphrased). I was much younger then.

I know I would get some counter arguments on this. I am open to them.


I love you! I’m sure you know that by now. Please keep visiting my blog; you’ll be glad you did.

And in between, I love my wife. Please stay faithful to your spouse!

Timi Adigun.

59 thoughts on “You may kiss your bride 2!

  1. I agree wit u sir bt it could also b a motivation for a young person depending on how we see it. Lyk pointing 2 d fact that, u can do dis witout fear n guilt only if u do it wit ur legally married spouse. D church can model us rather than d world.


  2. I beg to differ, when I see people kissing decently (not touchy touchy), it makes me smile. My heart smile because I am happy for them. I appreciate the fact that they love each other and it sparks a sense of hope for my future marriage. Again we agree to disagree 😉


  3. Obaba Oluwadara

    I see a lot of sense in what Uncle Timi is saying but then I also see plenty sense in what @chrystolite said especially for the wedding day, a way of letting youths and young adults know that they will also have d privilege to kiss without hiding when they get married!. Thank u sir and God bless you!


      1. Obaba Oluwadara

        Yes sir!, I can now say waiting is easier when you’re not in love, it even gets harder as the wedding day gets closer…..loool.
        God’s grace is needed!
        #iamgladi’mwaiting #anticipating lool


  4. jayeoba Opeyemi

    Well, ur reason is quite OK, wen I was doing my court wedding den, dey asked us to continue kissing for some minutes, at first u find it irritating, but my hubby did it passionately.its a mata of decision anyways, but nevertheless ur reason is noted and gd to reckon with, some will agree while some will not, but to be candid, its nice, i was a virgin den and i was quite embarrased as such.but now no controversy after how many kids.weldone pst Timi.more grace to lead aright.God bless ur family.


  5. Busolami

    Well personally, I’m a fan of public display of affection. If children and teenagers don’t see their parents or other married people kiss,they’ll see it on tv,billboards, etc anyway. They just have to know that the best and safest place to do this is in marriage. And then i also think it’s a personal choice and if you think it’s going to make someone around at that time to sin, don’t do it.


  6. Busolami

    Well personally, I’m a fan of public display of affection. I totally think children and teenagers should see their parents and other married people kiss. That way they know and see that that’s the best and safest place to do stuff like that. They’ll see it on tv,billboards, etc anyway. And then I also think it’s a personal decision and if you think you kissing publicly Is going to make someone else fall into sin, don’t do it

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  7. Seyiode

    Beautiful reason that is. But Hmmm Bro. Timi. Me I have a question o. Does that mean you would never kiss before your children? Because I think it rather has a positive effect on younger ones when they see couples kiss decently.


    1. hmm…I haven’t imagined that yet. My parents never kissed in my presence, yet I know they love each other and it rubbed off on me. David and Esther can feel the love already between their parents; I don’t think seeing us kiss would do much good. Nice point but I think it has more negatives than positives. That’s why children start doing “daddy and mummy” play.


  8. Edem sunday

    nice one sir….. please leave d wife beautiful out of dis pastor is not happy just comment on d write up like I did cos d wife and smile is beautiful…. well me dat part will b scraped out for national peace to reign


  9. Oluwabunmi

    Nice one sir,but I feel there is nothing bad in doing dat ooo,it will only make youths like us look forward to our own wedding day.infact my husband must not try avoiding dat,we will do dat in d church and continue d rest at home.##winks#happy married life


  10. oluwadurotimi

    Yes sir I support that also,although once I joined a group of people to instigate one of my district choir heads to kiss his bride on during their wedding,but now I know better


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