You may kiss your bride!

I smile every time I think or talk about this. I guess you’ll smile too when you are done reading!

After I had been joined to my wife at the altar on Saturday, June 25th 2011, the presiding minister said the expected. “You may kiss your bride.”

I looked up at him and objected with a smile. The minister was clearly embarrassed but managed to crack a joke (which I can’t remember) to ease the awkward moment, and the ceremony continued. Do you know why I objected?


The MAJOR reason (I might talk about the second reason some other day) was because I had NEVER kissed anyone in my 26 years of living! I was still a virgin. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it! Neither did my virgin wife. We couldn’t embarrass ourselves in public. #grinning #coveringmyface

I kept myself for my wife and she did same for me! Now, we kiss often and as passionately as we want (behind closed doors)…#smiles


It pays to wait. I waited. You too can. Even if you have been doing things (kissing, necking, petting, or even having sex), you can stop now and wait. Honour God, Honour your spouse, and Honour your own body!

I love you!

Timi Adigun

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