YES! This is YOUR month!

Good morning friends and family! God told me December is the month of SHIFT. And a few minutes ago, about 09:00 01/12/2015, He started giving me some words for some people. I don’t know which is yours. But please receive in faith. HOLD ON FIRM IN CONFESSION OF FAITH and please remember to share your testimonies.

*Please note: Not all these are for you; might be ONE or MORE. God is addressing different people.

  • You will receive some strange instructions from God. Get confirmations and go ahead to act on them. They will yield great results.
  • You have been toiling and haven’t seen the dividends; they will begin to appear this month.
  • Things were particularly hard for you in November; December will be a smooth sail.
  • You visited the hospital more than you’ve ever done before in the past couple of months; your visits are over.
  • Day has been seeming like night to you. I’m about brightening your life.
  • You were rejected five times. Go once more!
  • Someone has been harassing you in your sleep saying “Your time is up!”. You still have many more years on earth, God says.
  • Prayer will be your key throughout 2016.
  • You’ve entered a season of repossession; things you lost are coming back.
  • The pain of your past will produce the glory of your future.
  • Dance for the season of never ceasing joy is here!
  • Faithful is HE who has called you, who will enable you.
  • I did not call you to put you to shame.
  • Mardock has failed (guess this is for an individual)
  • I’m brightening your eyes; no more sorrow and tears.
  • Trade your heart’s desires for Mine, says the Lord, and you’ll get much more.
  • Be patient with her; she’ll change.
  • I didn’t tell you to go into that relationship and you know it.
  • If you stay with him, you’ll still have five (5) more abortions.
  • Lighten up that load you’ve placed on your employees.
  • Yesterday was good. Your tomorrow will be much better.
  • Don’t play God. Let me be God and you, a man!
  • You’ve been despised for so long. You are about to bloom!
  • The cloud that had blocked your shining has just given way.
  • Never again will anybody have an object of reproach to throw at you.
  • Stay true to the cause; you’ll come out on the other side successfully and unharmed.
  • You will smile at last!

That’s all I heard. I look forward to rejoicing with you. Please share this. Some of these words may be for a neighbor or loved one!

God bless us all. December will be SWEET! I’m expectant! Glory to Jesus.

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