Admission: My Epic Experience 1 !!


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As I pen down my admission seeking experience, I remember the words of Steve Jobs in his speech at Stanford University. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect it looking backwards”.

My experience isn’t a funny one but it’s obviously an adventurous one full of ups and downs, tears and fun, creativity and laziness and of course, learning and unlearning stuffs. Okay! let me stop my appetizer and get to the main course.

It started few years back, I finished from one of the best public  Schools in Lagos State, Omole Senior Grammar School to be precise. I made most of my papers yeah, except one of the core subjects but luckily for me I didn’t write jamb that year so it was easy to pick up GCE form and thank God, I made all the necessary papers when the GCE result was released.


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