A Kind Word!

It saddens my heart so often how much we lose opportunities, though seemingly little, to change this world and make it a better place. Do you know the power in the words THANK YOU? Oh! You cannot even imagine.

THANK YOU is so potent that those who say it often feel more alive than those who feel they owe no one anything. I have seen wet eyes, lifted spirits and healed hearts at the sound of those two words. Please make it a daily custom. Please appreciate everyone who offers you a service. And please try to say THANK YOU with a SMILE.

I AM SORRY is another relationship healer. You know, it is just so easy to say SORRY and move on without giving it a thought but when you personalize your  apology by adding I AM to it, it makes a whole world of difference. Please apologize to EVERYONE you’ve ever hurt and will ever hurt.

PLEASE is the last kind word I would mention. In making a request, dishing an order, or whatever else demands an action from a second party, please use PLEASE. It gives the other person a sense of worth; makes him/her feel loved and respected.

Have you been clamouring for a better world? There you have it! Be the change you want to see. Please, be kind and let your words heal not wound, bind not  break, restore not destroy.

And I feel I should add I LOVE YOU. But please say these three words ONLY when you mean them. Not meaning this phrase when you say it causes more damage than good.

Thanks for reading. Please practice these today!

I love you,

Timi Adigun.

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