The Beauty Façade

I have noticed something you too might have

That many things that glitter from afar

Seem to lose the appeal they once held

The moment you come close enough


Your neighbour’s car has a dent at the side when you come close

The man has a broken tooth when you get close enough to see him smile

That girl has more spots on her arm than you ever imagined possible

The paint on the corner wall of that mansion wasn’t evenly spread


We live in a world of imperfection

Stop having unrealistic expectations of people

It doesn’t speak of being pessimistic

It speaks of being accommodating


Allow people be the human beings that they are

Don’t place an unbearable burden of perfection on people

Come to think of it

Are you perfect yourself?


The closer people get to you

The more of your weaknesses they’ll see

Treat others with the same level of humanity and understanding

That you think you deserve.

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