My nails!

Someday, I might be nice enough to post the picture of my nails (smiles). Someone still told me yesterday that I have beautiful nails; and I couldn’t agree less. The beauty of my nails is seen at different times especially when I hold a microphone to speak.

Why am I talking about my nails? They seem to be one of the smallest individual parts of the human body, yet they make a WHOLE LOT OF DIFFERENCE; adding beauty to the body. No wonder some folks spend a lot of time and money on manicure and pedicure, with emphasis on the nails.

I have come to discover that LITTLE THINGS MATTER. Can you imagine what your fingers would look like without your finger nails (completely removed from the roots)? Ugly might be an understatement!

So, what is that seemingly insignificant skill or talent you have? Who is that assumed unimportant part of your family tree? What is that tiny spark you experience in your life but you usually snuff out?

I think it’s time you begin paying attention to these things and people. The ‘whole’ is not complete without the many ‘parts’, even the tiny ones. Your life will take a significant leap when you begin paying attention to the ‘little details’ of your life; be they things or people.

I love you!

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