My love for Ice-Cream!

If there is one thing I can take every day of my life, it would be ice-cream. Okay! Let’s make that two; two things I would gladly take every blessed day; cake and ice-cream. I love vanilla flavor most especially, for both my cakes and ice-creams.

Two interesting things about ice-cream I would like to share are:

  1. Ice-cream, when done, is sweeter and creamier than any of the individual components. So, my little point to you is, keep building yourself and learning new things; adding a lot of flavor to your life. You might not be enjoying the process now and people around might not appreciate your efforts, but when you are finally done, YOU WILL BE SWEET and CREAMY! You would be proud of yourself and people would love what you’ve become.
  2. Ice-cream, is best served very cold; frozen. Now, what on earth could be my point here? Many times, you need to be away from everybody else. Lock up yourself for a few minutes, hours or days, and ‘get your life together’. Sort things out. Get away from the hustle and bustle. Clear your mind. Then and only then would you be able to produce true sweetness; without life squeezing you and leaving you dry.

Okay! So, I still hope to take some ice-cream today. But while at it, please make yourself into a delightful ‘ice-cream’ that both you and your sphere of influence would love.

I love you!

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