My Hero!

Praise report on personal correspondence:

I should have written this since I read the book by Gary Chapman “The five love languages of a teenager”; it’s a book for parents though. I thought of waiting till Father’s Day but now, I’ve realized that I  don’t have to wait till Father’s day before I appreciate a man who has long been playing the role of a father in my life even without realizing it.

The first time I met you at MINE Dream Center was special. I can never forget the words you said to me, “Finally, I’ve met Praise and you have a beautiful smile.” I felt like dancing when you said it because I don’t think anybody had ever said that to me before then.  I can still remember my first chat with you during BALL 2014; it was a chat I can never forget. I’ve always wished to have a chat with my biological father and to tell him ANYTHING but it never happened and you, Timi Adigun, gave me that opportunity.

My primary love languages are Words of Affirmation and Quality Time; you’ve “spoken” those two to me even without knowing what you were doing. Every opportunity you got, you used it to treat me like a Queen.
Abeokuta’s forum 2014, I was climbing down the stairs and you were down the stairs. You took my hands and said the outfit I had on  was nice. You also told me that my ministration was nice and that it was good to hear me sing.

You cannot imagine what those words meant to me. I’ve always longed to hear my Dad tell me “good job” after I sing, teach, or interpret in church.

Thank you Timi Adigun for making me see that I can write and for telling me every time you read my write up “good job 👍”.  Every time the Devil tells me I’m dull I do tell him NO because you told me I’m brilliant  and I can improve when I told you my GP and I know Timi Adigun won’t lie. When I don’t feel like snapping pictures or smiling because I broke my tooth years back, I remind myself that you think I have a nice smile.

I want you to keep being yourself because you don’t know what you are doing that is sustaining the teens God brings your way.
Every girl needs a hero apart from Jesus and you’ve been one to me. I can be everything I want to be because of someone like you.

Thank you, Timi Adigun, for being a “God-father” to me. I love you Dad.

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