Colour of my skin!

Discrimination is such a pathetic thing. We live in a world where people still treat as inferior or regard as enemies those that don’t look like them. It is sad, isn’t it?

All our organs and body parts are ONE and the SAME. The only difference spotted are the colours of some of our external body organs. ALL internal organs look ALIKE. Everyone’s blood is red. Raised in other circumstances, that person you disdain would be someone you adore.

Let’s stop the discrimination. Please, let’s show some love.

Now, I don’t dispute the fact that someone with a particular skin colour might have hurt you in the past. I am very sorry about that BUT it doesn’t automatically make every single person in that same skin colour just like him or her.

Please open your arms of love again. Look away from the colour of the skin and look at the heart of gold within. It might be tough but it would be worth the effort. Let’s make the world a home for everyone.

I love you!

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