This morning, I was staring at my children as my 3 year old son and my almost 2 year old daughter fought over a ball.
It hurt me that they were at each other’s necks for something quite trivial.
It wasn’t the ball they were fighting for. IT WAS THEIR PRIDE; their selfish pride at that moment.
Most, if not all wars, are caused by senseless pride, greed and selfishness.
It’s so easy to cast an accusing finger at nations and their leaders who are at war. But aren’t we doing same in our own little ‘worlds’.
That silly quarrel, that power tussel, that intense debate…they are usually one and the same.
Please learn to let go when you can. Please try to look away from yourself once in a while so as to put a smile on another’s face.
Let love win over hate and bitterness!
I love you!

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