Praise Report on Audio Message:

Right now listening to Grace Unplugged for the third time. Sent it to a friend who I thought needed to hear this. Here’s her un-edited response:

“I kept listening to that sermon
That mssg is for me
I kept hmmming
At some point ehn
I didn’t know when I started blasting in tongues
I keyed into that mssg
I gave (my) mum to listen too
She was d one that opened the door
To know if I was okay
Then she saw me praying and was like…….
Kiloshe Omo yi?
I thank God for pple like that man”

I asked her what her Mum said (on listening to the sermon). Her response:
“She kept hmming too
She kept saying this:
Yes! Yes! Yes!
I believe
Kept clapping”

God bless you Pastor Timi.
You know, I had doubts initially with the ‘Grace’ Sermon. Then I heard Joseph Prince reference Charles Spurgeon once.
I downloaded Spurgeon’s book ‘All Of Grace’ and came across this sentence, “It is God that justifieth – that justifieth the ungodly; He is not ashamed of doing it, nor are we of preaching it.”

If God was not ashamed to do it, then I shall not be ashamed to preach it.
Thanks for not being ashamed of the Gospel Sir.
God bless you.

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