Fear That KILLS!

Fear has two sides to it. The fear that produces wisdom and the fear that makes you a weakling. I have a three year old son. I instill fear into him as regards hurtful things; fire, naked wires, sharp objects and the likes. I want him to grow up knowing there are some things that are harmful and he needs to steer clear; that’s fear that produces wisdom.

However, there’s crippling fear. If I was to shut my son down whenever he wants to try something new like drumming or drawing or dancing, then that’s terrible. I would be making him fear doing new things; making him doubt his abilities and that’s the worst fear ever.

Is there something good and noble you’ve always wanted to do since childhood but people ‘fear-talked’ you out of? It is NEVER too late to dare the odds and try it. You will never know until you try. Please step out today and do it. One good thing I have discovered about fear is; ONCE YOU CONQUER IT, IT REMAINS CONQUERED.

Note: One major thing that fuels fear is lack of knowledge or limited information. Do you want to try knowing more about that thing you want to do? You’d be amazed how interesting and fun you would find it to be!

I won’t mind a feedback from you when you’ve conquered that fear. I believe you will!

I love you,

Timi Adigun

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