My First Experience With A WOMAN!!!

I was desperate. I really needed it and it was all I wanted at that time. I could think of little else and suddenly, there she was!

I didn’t expect it to be her but I was so intrigued that I hopped in. Folks, guess what?

It was a female “tricycle” rider, commonly called ‘Keke Napep’ in Nigeria. I needed a means of transport and there she was. I had NEVER been in a tricycle with a woman at the ‘wheel’.

Seated at the back, she started and I wanted to scream! She was like in a ‘rough riding’ competition with another rider.  She was something else.

I said “Easy o!!!”
She turned slightly and said “Why are you afriad?”

When I got to my destination, I paid her and asked her to keep the change; quite impressed with her. By the way, she was dressed very well, as if going to work (in native attire.)


Friend, your limitations are JUST IN YOUR MIND!
You can do ANYTHING you set your heart to. Just go with God. Philippians 4:13.

Dare to do that “seemingly impossible” thing today and thank me tomorrow. #smiles

I love you.
Timi Adigun

30 thoughts on “My First Experience With A WOMAN!!!

  1. Toyitan

    I’ve been privileged to be in a Keke driven by a female too. It’s always exciting seeing women do what is stereotypical to men. This should be encouraged. Nice write up sir.


  2. Was shocked when i saw that too but much more surprised when i saw a woman behind the wheels in a cab. hmmmm…u can imagine how she played the part of a female cab driver. Lesson learnt, i can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me.


  3. Hmmm…that’s beautiful, I can imagine being the one sitting behind her, I will just stare at the back of her head smiling all the way since I can’t clearly see her face.. And mehn I could be tempted to empty my purse to such a courageous woman.Nice lesson learnt also @ catchy title


  4. Darray

    I experience such too,but this time it was a female driving a BRT bus. From island to mainland. The Way she was speeding on 3rd mainland bridge ehn, I prayed to Jesus to take over the steering from her and drive me safely to my destination.


  5. Miguel Manus #miggymans

    There’s No limitation at all, what ever a Man can do, then we should believe a woman is even more capable •••

    I have seen women riding Okada like Ducati
    Women Riding bigger busses Like ASAP vehicle

    Days back, waiting 4 a bus @ d station, there was none.
    Strolled to a keke pack, still there was none, I stood and waited to see if any would show.
    Then and there, I saw a keke Running to the pack followed by other five.
    She packed hers like she was a professional,anyway she’s a professional, but the other five packed theirs like they were learners

    I was just there with my eyes staring at her
    Uhmmm! Can’t say the rest || story too long



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