The Day I Met You!

Everything seemed to stop when I saw you
I could think many thoughts, not few
Your beauty changing my ancient view
That splendour was only seen in the sky blue

I longed for your heart to capture
With you, I didn’t want to be mature
Rather be a child and enjoy the rapture
Of staring into your eyes adorned by nature

Wondering how on earth I would get your attention
I shifted from foot to foot in exasperation
Fighting hard to reduce the intense perspiration
That was triggered by my frantic palpitation

I would leave the details of how I overcame my fear
And rather relish without a tear
How you smiled at me when I came near
And assured me without speaking a word that you would care

Today, years after, I’m still awed
That though you know I’m flawed
You’ve never made me feel outlawed
But fiercely at my foes you’ve clawed

I pledge my undying love to you today
With you, there’ll never be a nay
All other women I keep at bay
For you are my treasure forever, bae!

I love you!

This is dedicated to my bae THADA and to every woman who makes her man feel like the king he is!

Timi Adigun

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