Susan’s Dairy (2)

Nov 29th 1996

-I saw that monster today, and felt like tearing off his eyes, hands, or whatever I could lay my hands on. He did not even seem a bit remorseful for what he did. He actually even grinned at me during Math class.

-I was fuming when I got to fellowship after school. But we discussed forgiveness, and I was surprised to find myself spilling tears and asking God to forgive me for holding Mr. Smith’s sin against him.

-We agreed that it’s hard to forgive at times but that it helps our relationship with God and also shields us from hurting ourselves unnecessarily.

-O n our way home, Tammy asked me to tell my mum and I thought she must have been joking but looking at her face I knew she meant it.


Nov 30th 1996

-I could not muster the courage to talk with mum about it yesterday.

-I’m stunned. Mum hugged me when I told her, comforted me, and decided to report to the school authorities.

-I was surprised with how strong at heart she seemed. I guess I’ve seen mummy cry too often that I’ve forgotten she’s a strong woman.

-She asked if I didn’t mind the publicity it would attract to me and I said no.

-Mr. Smith has been apprehended and is now awaiting trial.

-Detectives are crawling all over the school asking questions from females and males alike.


Dec 1st 1996

-Three girls walked up to me at the end of school and told me that they had been defiled by Mr. Smith earlier.

-They said they had been too scared and insecure to report him; they were so grateful to me.

-As I reflected back, I understood why he had picked on me. Just like the three other girls, I had been very shy and insecure when I got into the school. Guess he always picked on such girls whom he knew didn’t have what it took to expose him.

-I thank God for my Christian friends, and for my supportive mother. Otherwise, I would still be nursing my hurts, and Mr. Smith would still be violating other girls.

-More importantly, it seems I have gown bolder and more confident since I became closer to God and got baptized in the Holy Ghost.


Dec 3rd 1996

-Pastor Allen preached on restoration today. He said that God can restore to us all that we have lost in life. He called those of us who desired restoration out.

-I believe my desire to have my virginity restored has been granted since the pastor said that there’s absolutely nothing too difficult for God to do.

-When I was thanking God for the peace He had given me, I remembered the sad faces of the girls I spoke with on Friday, and I knew what I had to do.


Dec 4th 1996

-I found out the classes of the girls and shared my faith with them. They listened patiently to my exposition but only two accepted Jesus. The third, Susan, my name sake, had an atheist orientation and was not going to give that up anytime soon.

-Patricia and Francine promised to join the fellowship come Wednesday.

-I’m so happy. I have won two pretty and lovely girls, who the devil had oppressed so far, over to God’s kingdom. I couldn’t trade this joy for anything in the world.


Dec 24th 1996

-Dear dairy, I’ve missed you. It’s been three busy weeks preparing for the Christmas carol.

-Mum watched me as I acted Virgin Mary. I had accepted to play the role because I believed and still do believe that God has restored my virginity, and like the Virgin Mary, I believe He will use me to bring joy to many hearts.


Dec 25th 1996

-Mum and I went to the Lincoln Park to celebrate Christmas, just the two of us.

-My friends gave me Christmas cards, called me and sent me Christmas text messages.

-Cole’s Christmas card and gift seemed a little more personal than others. He even called me thrice today.

-Coming to think of it, I have always liked Cole’s demeanor, especially his ability to make me laugh even when I’m upset.

-I don’t want to insinuate anything, but even if he asks me out, I’ll do what mum has always told me; ask him to wait till we are older and better matured to take such a decision, but I would let him know how much I appreciate his friendship.


Dec 31st 1996

-Hey! This is the last day of the year; I’m so excited.

-It’s also Sunday, so I’m sure Pastor Allen would lead the church in a great time of worship today. I always look forward to the last Sunday of every year where we dance and sing and praise God for His mercies in the just concluded year.

-Indeed, I have many reasons to be thankful. For my mum, my new school, my new friends, my better walk with Him, My shame turned to glory, my virginity restored, and much more.

-Hey I forgot to mention it; I also thank God that for the first time in my life, a guy told me he likes me. Cole called me yesterday to tell me. But I told him  what I’d made up my mind to tell him.

-Dairy, I’ll miss you but I sure will read you over and again as occasion arises. God bless me and everybody around me.  Bye!


                                                   THE END

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