Me, Me and ME!!!

I am sorry that I would be a little graphic. But I hope I would be triggering some deep thoughts in you!

Do you know that you would not be able to stop worms and maggots from sharing your coffin with you?
Do you know that you won’t be able to insult the morgue attendant that roughly turns your lifeless body over?
Do you know that you won’t be able to say I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU when stone cold?
Do you know you won’t know how your hard earned money is spent when you leave here?
Do you know you won’t get to see the precious smiles on the faces of the people you help when 6 feet under?


Please stop being self-centered.
Show some love.
Live to make the world a better place for someone else.
Have respect for human life.
Don’t be so carried away by your ambitions that you step on others or deny them of their existence.

Life will be much sweeter for you when you see how your life has influenced others positively.
Your days of depression would be over when you see the long lasting smiles you’ve put on faces.
Your nightmares will end when you start being kind.
Your suicidal thoughts would disaappear when you truly think about meeting the needs of others.
When your life is now about HIM, HER and THEM, then you’re living.

Worried about what would become of your own needs?
Don’t worry!
What goes around, comes around!
You’ll be okay.

I love you,
Timi Adigun

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