I remember!

I remember…

Those times we used to walk hand in hand

When you used to call me that name

That made my heart rejoice

When nothing else mattered to either of us

When the connection between us was so strong

And we were the envy of all

Until I turned my back on you and walked away

I regret…

Being so stupid

By walking out on you

And choosing another above you

‘Cause he failed me

He wasn’t worth it one bit

He lured me with his charm

But stung me when in his arms

I realize…

I am not myself without you

You define me

I cannot live without you

You are my essence

I don’t want another ever again

You are all I want

I request…

That you accept me again

And draw me close

Let me feel your heart beat against mine once more

That I may be lost in the love we once shared

Until it is restored

And eventually transcends anything we ever had

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