Heart Matters (3)

Sitting at the dinning hall, with a pen in his hand, Tim was decided to write Bucy a note. Already in the habit of writing his friends, he wanted to write Bucy so she could read and read over and again the words he was about to express to her. He told her how much he appreciated her and the friendship they had just developed. He thanked her for trusting him enough to confide in him on some personal issues. Thanked her for taking care of his two sisters, a gesture he said endeared her more to him.

He didn’t forget to tell her that he found her both beautiful and attractive. Commented on her love for God and her wonderful personality altogether. He told her how much he was going to miss her and how he hoped that they would stay in touch. He knew he had to take things slowly, so he chose not to spill out all his emotions.

While he was still writing, his sister, Sarah came to him with an album. It was Bucy’s. Tim had earlier requested for her picture, and now he was about to have it.

“Bucy said I should give you. She said she might cry if she brings it herself”, Sarah said.

Tim blushed when he heard that and looked through the album. He was convinced beyond doubt that Bucy was truly beautiful. Somewhere in his mind, Tim felt he did not deserve to be loved and admired by someone so beautiful and endearing.


There were some many tears shed that day. Teenagers hugged each other, took contacts, and made promises to stay in touch. That is the way it had always been on the last day of this camp. Tim and Bucy spent some time together before she left for home with her siblings and Koko. They made it through without shedding tears, hugged each other, and promised to stay in touch.

Everyday afterwards, they called or sent texts to each other. Hardly did any day pass without this duo communicating. The punctuated their texts with phrases like ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, ‘I care about you’, ‘My love’, ‘Sweetheart’, and the likes.

Tim soon resumed at his college and started working on his change of course. Bucy never ceased to pray for him and ask how far he had gone with the change. On the other hand too, Bucy was all engrossed with her admission processing to a university in Europe and it was a major concern to her. Tim kept praying for her and encouraging her. On mutual concession, they began sending scriptures to one another to start the day or end the day with.

One day, Bucy sent a text to Tim. Her visa had been delayed. She was really upset. Tim tried calling her but her phone wasn’t available. When he eventually got through to her, she relayed the story, Tim encouraged her and they both agreed to keep praying and believing for the best on her next appointment at the embassy.

Tim told his mother about Bucy. Being a very responsible teenage boy, he had not ventured into any relationship with any girl yet because he wanted to be sure he was doing what was approved by God. He did not want to ever break any girl’s heart. So, he asked for his mother’s counsel and she did just that and said a prayer with him. Things were really looking up for both of them but many things were going unsaid and Tim felt that wasn’t fair on Bucy. He needed to define the friendship.

Tim then sent a very long e-mail to Bucy and told her how much she meant to him and all that. He then told her to wait for him for one year. He committed himself to asking her out after a year. He said he wanted to settle his academics first. In reply, Bucy confronted him and told him to do the asking first, and then allow her decided if she was going to wait or not. That seemed fair and Tim gave it a thought. He however knew there was one more thing to do – pray.


While praying, God spoke to him and revealed some truths to him that he had ignored. These revelations sent Tim thinking. ‘What attracted me to Bucy in the first place? What keeps me going when it comes to her? Do we really have something deep going on between us? How much of Bucy do I know? Have I known her long enough to make such a lifelong decision? Am I sure I am not carried away by her outstanding physical attributes?’ These were some of the questions Tim asked himself.

After much deliberation, he concluded that it was more of his emotions at work than his mind. He liked Bucy so much, but wisdom demanded he re-defined the friendship so as not to hurt her or himself in months or years to come. On that basis, he sent an all important and difficult-to-send e-mail to Bucy asking that they remain friends and just leave things open. That if they needed to be together, God would somehow bring them together. It was really hard for him to do, but he eventually did send the e-mail.

When Bucy read it, she was hurt and disappointed. But being the sweet girl she was, she sent Tim a text telling him how difficult this was but that she understood and it was okay. Unlike many other teenagers, they both continued being friends, and kept in touch with each other.

Bucy’s admission eventually clicked and they both rejoiced over the phone. Tim traveled home from college and paid Bucy a visit. When he was leaving he gave her a lovely book he had heard so much about, ‘I kissed dating goodbye’, by Joshua Harris. They talked and expressed gratitude to God and each other for their friendship so far, wished each other well and promised to stay in touch.

Their short romantic episode lasted only about three months, before Bucy traveled, but their lives had been opened to another level of a healthy emotional experience. It was a time in their lives where they had experienced the joy of loving and being loved in a godly and acceptable manner; an experience they would be forever grateful for.


                                          THE END

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