Heart Matters (2)

They eventually met after dinner and both Tim and Bucy seemed fascinated by each other. They had very little time to talk before the evening session began but agreed to meet later at the prayer meeting. An hour of prayer had been set apart at about midnight by the camp planners. It wasn’t compulsory to attend, but they both agreed to go, believing it would help them spiritually.

During praise time, Tim who loved God so much but was just fair at dancing, praised God and danced as best as he could with his squad. Taking a glance at Bucy’s squad, he saw a girl dancing quite exceptionally and with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. He was taken aback when he discovered it was Bucy. Being a lover of music and an admirer of good dancers, he couldn’t help the distraction. Unknown to Tim, he was already getting really drawn to her.

After the session, they met each other outside the auditorium and commented on how great the sermon was and how wired the preacher was. They walked to the prayer hall together and the prayers soon commenced. They were all asked to find prayer partners to pray with, so they both held hands and prayed together as were led by the minister. Being a very sensitive person, Tim took notice of Bucy’s demeanor when the minister was rounding up the prayers and blessing the campers in attendance. She had her palms face up to heaven in humility and simplicity, receiving God’s blessings; a posture Tim had grown used to himself. He was delighted to find a girl so simple and open to God.

Several things happened in the ensuing days that made them closer to each other. They talked every time there was a general programme, where they weren’t restricted to their squads. They got to know each other more, their families, past schools, hobbies, and so much more. Their friends had started making comments already and assuming all kinds of things.

On one of the nights, after the prayer meeting they attended together, Bucy asked Tim to help her knot the tie she wanted to wear the next day. Tim felt honored doing that. Seeing her the next day in her outfit, she looked really beautiful.

“You look really beautiful today”, he said, “and a nice outfit you have on”

“Thank you”, Bucy replied.

“You were at it again yesterday. How come you dance so well?”

“Guess it’s a gift, but also a hobby – I love dancing.”

“I hope to be as good someday”

“Maybe I’ll teach you”, Bucy said smiling.

“I would be pleased.”


‘This girl is getting at me, Lord. I’m growing to like her more and more with every passing day and I don’t know what to do about it. I know when it comes to emotional issues, I can be swept off my feet when I meet a lovely person like Bucy, but I ask that you keep me in your will. I don’t want to break any girl’s heart, and I don’t want mine broken either. But if you ask me Lord, I’ll say she’s really getting to my heart, but I can’t tell if this is love yet. Open my eyes to know your will’. This was Tim’s conversation with his best friend, God. Whenever he had anything bugging him, God was his first point of call.


“What’s going on between you and Tim”, Koko asked Bucy when they met to chat in the dorm.

“Nothing. We’re just friends.”

Koko smiled. “Just friends, do you know what some of the girls in my squad are saying? Tim hardly has time for any other girl. Is there something you are not telling me, girlfriend?”

“No, really. We like each other – yes. But that’s where the curtains have been drawn so far.”

“Now, you’re talking! What if he asks you out, what will you say?”

“I have been thinking about that. I even prayed about it when we were at the prayer meeting last night.”

“So, what did God say to you?”

“I haven’t heard anything yet. But what if he doesn’t ask? Let us leave things the way they are, so we don’t insinuate what is not, okay?”

“It’s aight. But I hope you’ll keep me posted, I won’t want to be left out of the gist.”

“You bet.” Looking at her wristwatch, she rose. “I have to leave now. It’ll soon be time for sports. We just have three days left and we would want to make the best of it. Tim asked me to meet him at the tuck shop.”

“Go girl!” Koko said, teasing her friend.


On the last night, there was a squad festival, where every squad was to present a drama or a song, or whatever else they felt appropriate. Bucy was very involved in her squad’s presentation, which was a drama. She had some very creative concepts. Tim’s squad also had a drama and Tim played a behind the stage role. Eventually, Bucy’s squad won the award for the best presentation in the senior category.

Tim congratulated Bucy on her squad’s victory as they walked down to the prayer hall for the last prayer meeting that night. There was so much to say, yet they both said virtually nothing. They were both thinking of the fact that they were going to leave the camp the next day and would not be able to see each other so often.

“What happens after camp for you Bucy?”

“I should be traveling to Europe for my studies like I told you. Please keep praying for me, I need that admission badly.”

“You bet I will.”

“What about you?”

“I should be going back to college. I hope to successfully ratify my change of course immediately we resume.”

Another span of silence followed till they got into the hall. They both had a great time praying together again. One of Tim’s friends had earlier commented when she saw how both of them prayed together. She said, “A family that prays together sticks together”; a very suggestive comment.


Walking with her that last night, Tim wanted to say something – anything to make her know how much he admired her, but the words never got out.


Bucy wanted to tell Tim she would miss him, but she didn’t know if the timing was appropriate. ‘I will tell him tomorrow morning’, she told herself.

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