Heart Matters (1)

“Mum, I want to go for the summer Christian teenagers’ camp again this year.” Tim said.

“When is it coming up?”

“This month.” Mrs. Thomas raised her eye brow. “Mum, I know it’s rather impromptu. Please pardon me. You know I’ve been going for six years now; I won’t want to miss this, now that I’m 19”

“So, this should be your last, right?”


She smiled, knowing what that statement meant. “I’ll talk to your father about it.”

“Thanks mum. One more thing”

“Now what?”

“Can Tona and Sarah go also?”

Looking behind her, she saw the duo peeking at the door. “So, you would leave your elder sister all alone?”

“Derby has had her own fair share of teen camps, mum.”

Smiling again, she said, “I’ll talk to your father when he’s back from work.”

“Thanks mum. We love you!” Tim said and winked at his sisters who were both excited.


“Bucy, Philis told me that you invited your neighbors for the summer camp”

“Yes pa!”

“Hope you don’t expect me to use my car to take all of you there”

“Dad, only Koko indicated interest, so adding her to the four of us going will make five campers in your car.”

“That’s fair. Any extra person and you’ll find a vehicle to convey you there, deal?”

“Deal, dad. Thanks again for paying the camp fee yesterday, we’re grateful.”

“Anything for my children!”


The excitement was palpable. Parents dropped off their children. Church buses brought teenagers. Teenagers who knew each other from previous camps hugged each other. The registration was not tedious and participants were ushered to their dormitories. As usual, the dorm for the guys was quite a distance from that of the girls. Tim and his siblings were on camp. Bucy and her siblings were on camp too. They were about to start an episode of their lives that they would forever remember.


“Hello” Tim said at dinner on the first day to a pretty girl sitting next to him. “My name is Tim Thomas. May I meet you?”

“I’m Koko Blanche”

“Nice name. Is this your first time on camp?”

“Yes it is”

“Cool! This is my seventh time. Camp is always fun.”

“Yeah Bucy told me”

“Bucy? I guess that’s the friend who invited you?”

“Yeah. She’s eighteen, so she’s with her squad at their dinning section.”

He took a pause to keep the conversation natural and then continued. “Since we’re in the same squad, I hope we get to become good friends.”

“I hope so too, but…”

“Koko!” Koko was interrupted when she heard someone call her. Turning around, she saw Bucy approaching. “Hey Bucy! Through with your meal already?”

“No, couldn’t finish it, so I gave a new friend to finish for me.”

Always the outgoing one, Tim decided it was time to interrupt the chat. “Koko, you’ve left me out. Can I meet your friend?”

“I’m sorry,” Koko said, “This is Bucy, the girl I told you invited me.” Turning to face Bucy, she said “and Bucy, this is Tim, a friend I have just made”.

Both smiled at each other and exchanged pleasantries, taking little notice of each other.


The first day of the 9-day camp had been fun and spiritually rewarding. On the second day, activities kicked off on a normal pace. When evening came, and it was time for sports, Tim and one of his boyfriends, Kon, spotted Bucy while walking leisurely and decided to talk with her. They talked a while and moved on, leaving her with her squad friends.

Tim started back alone quite early after sports. He heard his name, and turned to see Bucy and her younger sister walking behind him.

“Do you care for some?” she said offering him some biscuit when she caught up with him.

“I don’t mind”. He said, taking a stick.

“Why are you going back alone?”

“I like being alone sometimes”, Tim said “but I won’t mind company.”

“Meet my younger sister, Sean” Bucy said.

They chatted a while until they had to part ways at the junction to their dorms. They promised to see each other after dinner.


On his way back, Tim couldn’t get Bucy off his mind.


Bucy hurried through the shower and dressing, so she could get early for dinner, hoping to see Tim before dinner.

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