OAS3: The ‘Steady’ Fast!

Have you ever  had a lofty dream and/or goal and you were pursuing it so ardently, but you suddenly gave up because it seemed you were not making any clear progress? Worse is that those who seemed to have very small dreams were achieving theirs and you felt defeated? Been there before? Then, here is good news!

When in the air, the plane I boarded was flying at about 850km/hr. However, there were many times i looked out and when looking at the wing of the plane, closest to me, against the clouds in the distant horizon, it seemed like we were not moving AT ALL. More ‘frustrating’ was that the gentle hum of the plane didn’t make it look like any progress was being made at all.

In contrast, if I was travelling by road to the same destination (Calabar, Nigeria),

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

most likely the car/bus would move at about 120km/hr on the average but I WOULD FEEL the speed. The vehicle would vibrate at some points, I would see how we are overtaking over vehicles…there would be a better thrill. But guess what? I would spend an avearge of 10-12 hours on that journey WHEREAS via plane, I would spend only 1 hour.


So, when you have great and lofty dreams, please stick to them. It might seem like you aren’t making any progress but when you finally “land”, you’ll see the significant difference between you and those who chose to dream small. The analogy might not be a perfect one but I believe you got the message. *smiles

I love you!

Timi Adigun

*OAS: On Air Series

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