OAS2: Invisible Fences!

We live in a world, especially in developing nations, were we build HIGH FENCES; trying to protect our wealth, privacy, and more. We don’t want unwanted guests to see, not to mention come into our well safeguarded houses, mansions or institutions, as the case maybe.

However, I noticed that when up in the air, fences don’t exist anymore. I can easily see into compounds and know the facilities and gadgets the house or institution boasts of. The only place I cannot see into is the house itself (covered by the roof).

What is Timi saying?

Source: Google Images
Source: Google Images

I’m saying you should please lower or remove the fences in your heart. It’s still okay to have a roof, that is, have some no go areas. You still need your privacy but please let down the fence.

Be real. You’ve been a fake too much in your life. Let people see the real you. Don’t die in pretense

Be open. You stand a chance of being hurt and abused or taken forgranted but what if you are never hurt? In the bid not to be hurt, you’ve shut your heart of love from others. Please pull down the fence and dare to love!

Leave God, who loves you, to protect your heart, your integrity, your reputation, your family, your possessions etc. Please let the fence down and allow godly people into your life.


I love you!

Timi Adigun

*OAS: On Air Series

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