OAS1: The Tower Operator

We are about to take off at the New Domestic Airport (MMA2), Lagos, Nigeria. I had fastened my seat belt and was ready. However, I noticed that the plane refused to move; or rather, the pilot refused to move the plane. Thankfully, i was seated at the window; my favourite position on a plane.

Waiting and wondering what was happening, I looked to my right and there it was. ANOTHER PLANE IN DESCENT.

“Oh! That was why we were delayed!”

When the incoming plane landed, I thought we would move but we still didn’t. I looked out again but there was no plane in sight. After about a minute, I saw it. ANOTHER PLANE WAS COMING!

What’s my point?

Source: Google Images

I am thankful the pilot was communicating with the Tower Operator. The man in the tower sees what the pilot on ground can’t. And he also communicates with the incoming planes; a privilege the on ground pilot doesn’t have.

If the pilot wants to be safe, he HAS TO reach out to the Tower Operator, ask questions, listen carefully, and obey. Otherwise, he would be plotting his own doom.

Do you get the point now?

God sees what you DON’T and CAN’T see. Why not DAILY trust Him with you life. Let Him ALWAYS be your TOWER Operator and you can be sure your life would be safe and beautiful.

I love you!

Timi Adigun

*OAS: On Air Series

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