The joy of marriage!

As I prepare for my immediate younger sister’s wedding this weekend, I reminisce on my own wedding four years ago.


It was indeed a beautiful day. If I could relive that day, would I do something different? Maybe! I would STARE AT MY BRIDE ALL DAY!!!


I love my wife with all my heart and life.
If you are there, thinking marriage is terrible, some of us don’t agree. IT IS SWEET.


20 thoughts on “The joy of marriage!


    Hmmmm, it is only beautiful and wonderful with JESUS. I pray to be happy again in my marriage, God bless you for ur message. Tnx.


  2. Maryjane

    Whenever I see marriages like urs sir, filled with love, I cant help but imagine, how sweet it will be. And each time I see weddings, mmmmm” sir u know now. . if one can actually wed like thrice, I won’t mind doing them when the time comes


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